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10 Best Cordless Lawn Edger 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Cordless Lawn Edger 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
Written by Charles Addison

10 Best Cordless Lawn Edger 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Reshaping and manicuring a lawn/garden requires the usage of right tools. You can’t just expect from a lawnmower to remove unwanted grass from pathways. Investing in the best lawn edger becomes a necessity in this perspective if you are concerned about the beauty of your lawn.

Why? Because a lawn edger has all capabilities to help you clean pathways, flower beds, and garden tracks, etc. The reshaping work that can’t be done with the help of a lawnmower or a string trimmer can easily be executed by the edger.

That said, a lawn edger is equipped with multiple features. Apart from extra sharp edging blades, most of the edgers are powered by a long-lasting battery. Besides, a strong motor helps such tool to remove stubborn blades from edges with efficiency.

Best Cordless Lawn Edger 2021 Reviews

As the significance of a lawn edger is prominent now, you’d want to invest in a perfect option available in this market. Luckily, I’ve got a compiled list of top 10 best lawn edgers for you in this regard.

Top Cordless Lawn Edger Comparison Table


Have a look as follows:

  1. Greenworks Edger – Best Corded Lawn Edger 2020

Greenworks Edger - Best Corded Lawn Edger 2020

We’ll kick start our review section with a corded edger from Greenworks that has been a topmost priority for many gardeners over the years. Greenworks has done a stupendous job in making sure that you can easily reshape the pathways or flower beds of your lawn with accuracy and precision. In a similar context, the edger introduced by this manufacturer is equipped with a plethora of features. For instance, a sharp edging blade, durable body, long extension pole, and an ergonomic handle is all that a gardener demands from the best edger. The price tag, on the other hand, is not too expensive. That is, you can get this edger by spending no more than 100 bucks which is simply awesome.

Some notable features are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

Firstly, the best corded lawn edger has been equipped with a powerful 12 Amp motor. Hence, it improves the overall efficiency and helps you to remove unwanted grass or shrubs from edges easily.

Secondly, what I liked the most about this edger is its double-edged blade which is extremely sharp. Besides, it has a size of 7.5″ and it helps to reshape the edges by removing the grass blades efficiently.

Greenworks has added stabilization in this edger in the form of a front wheel. The wheel has been attached to edger via spring assist interface. Therefore, it improves the depth of the edger and helps you to clean the areas with ease.

Handling home improvement tools might be a headache for many gardeners. However, that’s not the case with Greenworks lawn edger as it’s been equipped with an ergonomic auxiliary handle. Thus, you can maneuver the edger easily without losing control.

Last but not the least, the edger is corded. It comes with a durable and long cord. Besides, a cord lock feature is also available that will keep the edger away from accidental disconnect. So, you can easily focus on cleaning your lawn only.


  • 12Amp powerful motor.
  • Helps to maintain edges and pathways.
  • Ergonomic handle present.
  • Durable and sturdy frame.
  • Spring-assist via front wheel improves the depth.
  • Cord lock avoids accidental disconnect.


  • Not a trencher.
  • Not cordless.

Final Views:

One of the best lawn edgers from Greenworks will help you to reshape your garden perfectly. Get this tool as it’s available at a justified price tag.


  1. BLACK+DECKER Edger – Best Lawn Trencher + Edger Combo 2020

BLACK+DECKER Edger - Best Lawn Trencher + Edger Combo 2020

My love story with B+D is everlasting. It’s the brand that I adore the most and to be honest it never amazes me no matter if it’s a lawnmower I need or a lawn edger. This Trencher plus edger combo will cost you around 130 bucks, but it’s worth the try. That being said, the best corded lawn edger has got a unique and sturdy design. It’s been made with premium materials to last longer than expected. On the other hand, the capability to maintain edges as well as to dig trenches with 100% efficiency. All in all, it’s one of the best tools that you can invest in if you want to maintain the beauty of your garden regularly.

Some notable features present within B+D lawn edger are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

One of the reasons I like this combo way too much is that it can be converted from edger to a landscape trencher really quick. That said, a quick edge guide converts this tool to a trencher that can be used for various purposes.

Secondly, an extra sharp blade included in the edger makes your work easier than expected. It helps you to remove in-depth shrubs and grass blades so as to maintain the beauty of pathways and flower beds.

A large and durable cord has been added with the lawn edger from B+D which helps you to maneuver the tool as per your preferences. Built-in cord retention feature works perfectly in this regard.

A strong and powerful 12 Amp motor being installed in the lawn edger increases the efficiency of this tool perfectly. You’d be able to enjoy an improved working interface while cleaning the edges of your lawn.

Lastly, assembling this tool is just like eating a piece of cake. I was able to assemble this lawn edger in about 10 minutes without even taking help from any tool.


  • Extremely durable and sturdy frame.
  • Integrated cord retention keeps the cord secure.
  • Convertible to a top-notch trencher.
  • Helps to remove stubborn grass blades easily.
  • Extra sharp blade included.
  • Wheel improves the maneuverability.


  • Not cordless.
  • A little bit difficult to use for beginners.

Final Views:

I’ve used this lawn edger + trencher combo from B+D to remove the sharp grass blades from edgers and it worked extremely well without causing any problem. So, I’d recommend you to get this tool on a priority basis if budget is not a problem for you.


  1. WORX WG896 – Best Lawn Edger Under 100

WORX WG896 - Best Lawn Edger Under 100

The lawn edger from WORX offers value to the gardeners who are unable to trim the edges of different pathways or flower beds with ease. That said, it’s another affordable pick on our list that has been equipped with multiple features and qualities. The overall construction is durable enough to last for a long time. Besides, this lawn edger is also convertible to a trencher to enjoy multipurpose work in your garden. Cutting long story short, this lawn edger combo is a perfect option for those who are suffering from limited budget problems.

Some of the most important features regarding the best lawn edger under 100 are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

There is a powerful 12 Amp motor installed in the edger which causes the blade to move at around 4700 revolutions per second. Hence, with more power comes more efficiency as you’d be able to reshape the edges perfectly.

Besides, one another intriguing feature of WORX lawn edger is that it comes with 3 different depth adjustments. The 1″, 1.75″, and 1.5″ depth adjustments can be applied for an extensive cleaning operation.

The reason I’ve become a fan of this lawn edger is that it comes with an advanced cutting line indicator. The indicator helps a lot while maintaining the edges and you’ll clearly notice the difference after the cleaning process.

Lastly, WORX has ensured the ease of use for this tool. For that purpose, a D grip handle along with an adjustable shaft has been included with the edger. You can thus take out different trimming tasks with this tool in the most comfortable way.


  • Affordable price tag.
  • Extremely sharp spinning blade.
  • Powerful motor equipped.
  • Lightweight and durable frame.
  • D grip handle improves comfort.
  • Shaft is adjustable.


  • Not cordless.
  • Trencher isn’t that effective.

Final Views:

If I was in your place and I had to choose within a 100-dollar budget, then my choice would be WORX WG896 without any other thought.


  1. CRAFTSMAN E405 – Best Gas Powered Lawn Edger 2020

CRAFTSMAN E405 - Best Gas Powered Lawn Edger 2020

Tools running on gas are getting extinct as the technology is keeping eco-friendly patents in perspective these days. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the home improvement tools running on gas posses ultimate power as compared to electric ones. In similar context, we’d talk about E405 introduced by CRAFTSMAN. This lawn edger has got a powerful gas-powered engine that ensures a better cleaning experience without any hassle. Besides, with this edger, you won’t have to worry about power shortage or cord management, etc. However, keep in mind that E405 will cost you around 200 bucks. It’s fairly expensive and is out of the reach of many gardeners.

Some of the most valuable qualities equipped by E405 are as follows:

Top Features You Need to Know:

First things first, the best lawn edger has been backed up by a powerful 29cc gas engine. It produces more power and less vibration to ensure a perfect lawn cleaning experience.

On the other hand, 2-step easy start is a feature that is quite rare in gas-powered edgers. However, Craftsman offers this option which allows the tool to start within no time.

All things being said, what impressed me a lot regarding this edger is its handling interface. An ergonomic handle has been installed to ensure complete control while trimming the edges.

Lastly, Craftsman E405 ensures heavy-duty cleaning operation. It has got a large 9″ blade with extreme sharpness that will wipe out anything in its way to let you enjoy the beauty of your garden.


  • 29cc powerful gas engine.
  • Durable construction.
  • Ergonomic handle included.
  • Extra sharp 9″ blade installed.
  • Uses less fuel than expected.


  • Not eco-friendly.
  • Design flaws should be sorted out.

Final Views:

Although an expensive option, Craftsman E405 can carry out all heavy-duty cleaning operations within a blink of an eye. Check it out before it runs out of stock.


  1. Ryobi P2300A – Best Cordless Lawn Edger 2020

Ryobi P2300A - Best Cordless Lawn Edger 2020

Here comes the latest cordless lawn edger on our list i.e. P2300A as introduced by Ryobi. To be honest, while using this edger, I sometimes thought that I was using a toy. Yeah, it’s that light. Besides, the frame has been made from durable materials. So, there are no worries regarding the longevity of one of the best home improvement tools. This lawn edger is priced at around 100 bucks which is quite justified considering how easy it is to work with this tool.

Some important features related to Ryobi lawn edger are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

First of all, the design of this lawn edger is lightweight to improve user convenience. You can literally carry this tool around from one place to another without any fatigue.

Besides, backed by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, this edger will work for a long time. On one full charge, the edger is expected to run for at least an hour which is more than enough.

Talking about the blade as it has a size of 9 inches and it’s extremely sharp. Due to that, I was able to trim the edges of pathways of my lawn within a short time.

Lastly, 4 different depth positions are offered with Ryobi lawn edger. Hence, you can adjust the blade as per your preference to ensure a better cleaning experience.


  • Lightweight frame.
  • Dual notched blade.
  • Extremely comfortable to use.
  • Ergonomic handle included.
  • Perfect for reshaping the pathways.
  • Affordable price.


  • Customer support is poor.
  • Can’t be converted to a trencher.

Final Views:

So, the cordless lawn edger from Ryobi must be a priority for you especially if you want to trim the edges of your lawn with due elegancy and precision.


  1. Scotts ED70012S – With Three Position Depth Settings:

Scotts ED70012S - With Three Position Depth Settings:

Scotts Outdoor Tools has one specific motto i.e. “To Offer value-added tools within an extremely affordable price range”. This edger is an epitome of durability, better work interface, and affordability, to be concise. Coming towards the frame which is durable and unique at the same time. There is an extension pole present that can be adjusted to work within the comfort zone. Besides, an ergonomic handle is also included as it helps you to remain in control of the cleaning operation.

Some of the most prominent features offered by Scotts ED70012S are as follows:

Prominent Features You Must Know:

A powerful 11 Amp motor equipped in the lawn edger helps it to trim the edges and remove unwanted grass blades with improved efficiency.

On the other hand, the blade is extra sharp and it measures around 7.5 inches. Three different blade depth positions are also offered to let you enjoy a better cleaning experience.

In the end, what matters the most regarding the best lawn edger is that it comes with integrated cord retention. Therefore, the cord is secure and protected while you are carrying the tool around for reshaping the edges.


  • Extremely durable frame.
  • Extension pole present.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Integrated cord retention.
  • Helps to remove stubborn grass blades from pathways.


  • Not cordless.
  • Trencher is not that effective.

Final Views:

Scotts ED70012S is another reasonable option available on our list. It must be considered in case you are extremely short on budget.


  1. Martha Stewart MTS-EDG1 – With Three Wheels Design:

Martha Stewart MTS-EDG1 - With Three Wheels Design:

I know sometimes it’s fairly difficult for gardeners to keep the edger in a straight position to get perfect results. One of the main causes of this problem is the absence of stability and balance while the edger is in the work. So, to resolve this problem, the tool from Martha Stewart should be considered. It has a durable body and is equipped with a three-wheel design to ensure stability in maneuvering. You should try to get this edger as it’s been already priced at less than 100 bucks.

The most important features related to one of the best corded lawn edgers are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

First things first, the three-wheel design of this edger maintains its stability and helps you to trim the edges in a straight sequence.

Besides, multipurpose use is also ensured. That is, the edger can be converted into a full-fledged trencher to dig trenches in the garden without any hassle.

Last but not the least, a 7.2″ extra sharp blade with 3 depth positions will allow you to trim the pathways or flower beds of your lawn with due convenience.


  • Three-wheel design maintains stability.
  • Extremely sharp blade included.
  • Three depth positions.
  • Improves the trimming experience.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not cordless.
  • Cord retention feature is not available.

Final Views:

If you are unable to move the edger in a straight path, then I’d be recommending you to get Martha Stewarts’ lawn edger for an improved cutting experience.


  1. Sun Joe SJEDGE7 – With Double-Edged Blade

Sun Joe SJEDGE7 - With Double-Edged Blade

Sun Joe SJEDGE7 is a lawn edger that shouldn’t be underestimated at any cost. This powerful tool comes with a lightweight yet sturdy frame. Hence, it can easily be moved around for trimming the edges perfectly. One other thing which is quite noticeable in this lawn edger is that the shaft height can be adjusted in it. So, you can easily reshape the edges with due comfort and convenience at the same time.

Some important features regarding Sun Joe lawn edger are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

The major headline regarding this lawn edger is its double-edged blade that measures 7.3″. The extra sharpness helps the blade to remove stubborn shrubs from pathways or edges in a single go.

The edger also offers 3 position depth adjustments to make sure that you can clean the edges from grass blades even if they are located deep down in the soil.

Last but not the least, Sun Joe ensures comfort while you are working with the lawn edger. For that purpose, an ergonomic handle is located at the top so that you can hold the tool for a long time.


  • Durable and sturdy frame.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Double-edged blade included.
  • Powerful motor included.


  • Not cordless.
  • No other major cons.

Final Views:

Better get your hands on the best lawn edger introduced by Sun Joe before it’s too late.


  1. EGO Power+ EA0800 – Most Powerful Cordless Lawn Edger:

EGO Power+ EA0800 - Most Powerful Cordless Lawn Edger:

One of the many reasons people prefer corded edgers over cordless ones is that the latter ones don’t offer more power. However, this is not the case with EGO Power+ lawn edger as it’s been backed by a powerful and long-lasting battery. Hence, it can be used for removing stubborn grass blades grown on pathways or flower beds. On the other hand, the frame is portable enough to be maneuvered around without any hassle.

Some notable features that this lawn edger offers are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

This lawn edger has been backed by a long-lasting and powerful battery to ensure an extensive cleaning operation without any worries.

Other than that, the presence of an 8″ extra sharp blade makes it easier for you to trim the edges and pathways within a short time.

Lastly, apart from durability, the lawn edger is resistant to water as well. So, this tool will assist you in maintaining the backyard of your home for a long time.


  • Justified price tag.
  • Extra sharp 8″ blade.
  • Durable construction is ensured.


  • Customer support is unresponsive.

Final Views:

Check out the latest cordless lawn edger introduced by Ego Power+ to enjoy immense power and efficiency while cleaning the pathways of your home.


  1. UKOKE U02TE – Best Multifunctional Tool for the Money:

UKOKE U02TE - Best Multifunctional Tool for the Money:

Do you need a trimmer, a weed whacker, an edger, and a trencher, within a 100-dollar budget? If that’s what you demand then there isn’t anything better than UKOKE U02TE. This multifunctional tool can be used to carry out different cleaning operations without any hassle. Besides, one thing which is quite intriguing regarding it is that the tool is available in an extremely affordable price tag. It would literally be a steal for you if you manage to get your hands on UKOKE U02TE.

Some important features are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

First things first, the UKOKE lawn edger can be used as a weed whacker as it can remove grass and unwanted shrubs from distant areas easily.

In just one minute, you can convert the tool from a grass trimmer to edger to enjoy cleaning the pathways or flower beds with ease.

Last but not the least, two support wheels have been added with the trimmer + edger to ensure better maneuverability while the tool is in the working process.


  • Combination of trimmer, edger, and weed whacker.
  • Durable construction.
  • Ergonomic handle included.
  • Sophisticated design.


  • Not suitable for cutting wet grass.
  • Won’t remove stubborn grass blades from edges.

Final Views:

Well, the way UKOKE has included all features in a single tool is just exceptional. I’d recommend this lawn edger plus weed whacker, if you need to do light maintenance of your lawn on a regular basis.


Top 3 Recommendations:

Based on my personal usage and positive customer feedback, the top 3 recommendations are as follows:

  1. Black+Decker Edger as it’s the best lawn edger of 2020
  2. CRAFTSMAN E405 if you are interested in a gas-powered lawn edger.
  3. EGO Power+ EA0800 if you want a cordless lawn edger.

How to Select the Best Lawn Edger in 2020? Things You Need to Consider 2021:

Choosing a lawn edger might get tricky as there are several brands available in the market selling different tools without adding any value to them.

So, you need to take proper precautions before choosing a lawn edger.

In a similar context, I’ve listed down some important factors that you’d need to consider before making a final decision.

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1.     Corded/Gas-Powered/Cordless: Which Lawn Edger to Purchase?

There are three major types of lawn edgers available in the market i.e. corded, cordless, and gas-powered.

Out of these three, let’s talk about gas-powered lawn edgers first. I don’t recommend them to gardeners as they are not eco-friendly and require maintenance. Contrary to that, you should go for gas-powered edgers if you need to do heavy-duty trimming of your lawn.

Now let’s come towards corded and cordless edgers. As per my experience, I prefer using corded lawn edgers. You should not worry about disconnection or cord damage problem at all. That’s because most of the edgers now have cord lock and cord retention feature available.

Apart from that, I’ve also used cordless edgers and one issue that I faced in using them was the efficiency factor. Batteries are not as powerful as compared to direct current. But they are still worthy as they offer better portability and ease of use at the same time.

In short, I’d recommend you to go for corded edgers. But, don’t keep cordless edgers out of the equation as they can offer you immense portability.

2.     Blade Size Matters:

Blade size along with its sharpness matters a lot when we are talking about edgers. Large blade size penetrates easily in the edges and removes overly grown grass or shrubs efficiently.

So, a blade size of more than 7″ is recommended if you want a better work rate while managing the cleanliness of pathways or flower beds.

3.     Adjustable Shaft:

An adjustable shaft improves the comfort and convenience of using a lawn edger. With an adjustable shaft, you can easily adjust the height of the tool as per your preference. In this way, you’d be able to clean the edges for a long time without feeling any fatigue.

So, make sure that the shaft is adjustable in a lawn edger you are about to get.

4.     Edger + Trencher Combo is a Must:

I like tools that offer multifunctional features. That’s the main reason my priority is to invest in an edger + trencher combo as in this way I can dig trenches in my garden for different purposes.

I’d also recommend you to invest in this combo as such tools are priced at no more than 100 bucks most of the time.

5.     Blade Depth Positions:

Blade depth positions allow the edger to perform its function deep down the soil. With this feature available, you’ll have no problems while cleaning the flower beds of your garden.

So make sure that at least 3 depth positions are included within the edger you are about to get.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.     What is the best edger for home use?

I’d recommend you to consider getting Black+Decker Edger as it offers sophistication, ease of use, a better cleaning operation, and durability within a justified price tag.

2.     How do I get perfect edges on my lawn?

You should mow the whole lawn first. After that, set up the edger and start trimming the edges. Make sure that you are moving straight forward and have good control over the tool. You’d be able to get perfect edges on your lawn in this way.

3.     How often should you edge your lawn?

Try to edge your lawn at least once after 3 months. Invest in a durable lawn edger and you’d be able to trim the edges of your lawn more often without any hassle.

Summing Things Up:

That would be all from me regarding the best lawn edgers available in 2020. Don’t forget to go through the most important features that I’ve mentioned in my guide before making a final decision.

Shoot your problems or questions in the comment section below and I’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

Good Luck!!



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