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10 Best Cordless String Trimmer 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Cordless String Trimmer
Written by Charles Addison

Best Cordless String Trimmer

While maintaining the yard with a lawnmower, you aren’t able to access narrow edges where grass and unwanted shrubs are growing at a higher rate. It literally kills the beauty of your garden, to be precise. In this unruly situation, there is no better option than to invest in a cordless string trimmer.

One of the main benefits this tool offers is freedom of work as it’s been powered by rechargeable batteries. Besides, a best cordless string trimmer is going to help you trim places where a typical lawnmower won’t be able to do anything.

That being said, such tools are equipped with multiple features. For instance, the presence of long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, a powerful brushless motor, and ease of use, in a string trimmer offers homeowners to remove unwanted shrubs from distant and narrow places easily.

Best Cordless String Trimmer 2021 Reviews

In this context, I’ve decided to compile a list of top 10 cordless string trimmers based on my personal usage, positive customer feedback, working interface, and budget range.

Top Cordless String Trimmer Comparison Table

1 BLACK+DECKER LST300 - Best Cordless Weed Whacker 2020DECKER LST300
Cordless Weed
2WORX WG163 - Best Cordless String Trimmer Under 100WORX WG163
Cordless String
3DEWALT DCST925M1 - String Trimmer with Long Extension Pole:DEWALT
5Makita XRU02Z - Trimmer with Fast Cutting Speed:Makita XRU02Z Trimmer Fast
Cutting Speed
6Earthwise CST00012 - Best Cordless String Trimmer for the Money:Earthwise
7CRAFTSMAN V20 - With 2 Speed Settings:CRAFTSMAN
V20 2 Speed
8Ryobi ONE+ - Best Portable Cordless String TrimmerRyobi ONE
String Trimmer
9Shindaiwa T3000 - Heavy-Duty Cordless String TrimmerShindaiwa
T3000 Heavy
Duty Cordless
String Trimmer
10EGO Power+ ST1500-S - Best Weed Whacker Under 150EGO Power+
  1. BLACK+DECKER LST300 – Best Cordless Weed Whacker 2021

BLACK+DECKER LST300 - Best Cordless Weed Whacker 2020

Let’s get started with the string trimmer from Black+Decker. B+D which never disappoints whenever you are looking for home improvement tools. I am a big fan of this manufacturer since the tools it offers are always working with 100% efficiency. Similarly, we are going to talk about LST300 which is a portable, lightweight, and a sophisticated string trimmer. It has been backed up with a powerful lithium-ion battery to let you cut down unnecessary shrubs and weed easily. Besides, this trimmer has got an affordable price tag. That’s one thing I like the most about B+D that its tools are exceptional and are available at a reasonable rate as well.

Some notable features regarding LST300 are as follows:

Top Features You Need to Know:

First things first, one of the best cordless string trimmers have been equipped with a powerful brushless motor. The motor produces immense torque which helps the string to rotate with aggression to remove unwanted weed easily.

Removing small shrubs, weed, and other unnecessary plants are just like eating a piece of cake for this trimmer. B+D has used special PowerDrive transmission tech that helps the trimmer to cut anything in its way conveniently.

Handling LST300 is also easier. An adjustable pivot handle is equipped with the trimmer to keep you in control while you are trimming the grass.

The brand also uses RunTime Extension technology in this trimmer which enhances the working time of the battery. With this tech, the lithium-ion battery can work 33% more than other typical string trimmers.

In the end, what matters the most regarding the best cordless trimmer is its multipurpose use. The trimmer can easily be converted to edger which helps to balance the edges of pathways of your garden respectively.


  • Extremely affordable price.
  • Durable frame.
  • Adjustable handle present.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Trims unwanted shrubs with ease.
  • Lithium-ion battery runs for a long time.


  • String isn’t as durable as expected.
  • No other major cons.

Final Views:

LST300 is a cordless string trimmer that I recommend as it has been a valuable tool for me for a long time. Get it if your lawnmower is unable to remove overly grown weed and shrubs across narrow places.


  1. WORX WG163 – Best Cordless String Trimmer Under 100

WORX WG163 - Best Cordless String Trimmer Under 100

WG163 is a powerful trimming tool with several features and qualities available at an affordable rate. The brand i.e. WORX is among the best when it comes to home improvement tools. Coming towards the buildup quality of this trimmer which is extremely sturdy and rugged. Use of premium quality materials gives a guarantee that this tool will help you maintain the grass of your lawn for a long time. Apart from other features, what impressed me a lot regarding this trimmer is its ergonomic shape. Cutting the long story short, I’d recommend this string trimmer if you want to whack the weed or to remove unnecessary shrubs from your lawn with improved efficiency.

Some of the most important features regarding the best mid-budget string trimmer are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

First of all, there is an adjustable handle available on the top of the trimmer that can be used for holding the trimmer firmly. The handle can be positioned upwards or downwards as per your preferences.

Other than that, the presence of a powerful motor makes it easier for this trimmer to remove unnecessary grass within no time. The trimmer can remove all kinds of roots and shrubs from the lawn perfectly.

A full 90° pivotal cutting head design of the trimmer helps you to get to narrow places with ease. It becomes convenient for you to reach farther places with this option.

Furthermore, there is a special spacer guard available on the cutting head that helps to keep precious plants safe. Activating this guard protects the leaves of plants and allows you to remove unwanted grass underneath them with perfection.

Lastly, WG163 trimmer is convertible to edger. This option is perfect for the pathways that need immense cleaning, especially from the edges. All unwanted grass can be removed from pathways within a short time.


  • Powerful motor included.
  • 360° cleaning operation.
  • Pivotal cutting head can reach to narrow places.
  • Can clear edges of pathways.
  • Justified price tag.
  • Extremely durable frame.


  • Battery drains fast.
  • Customer support is poor.

Final Views:

WG163 is the second best cordless trimmer available on our list with ample qualities. I’d recommend you to consider it especially if you’ve got to clean a large garden with several pathways and flowerbeds.


  1. DEWALT DCST925M1 – String Trimmer with Long Extension Pole:

DEWALT DCST925M1 - String Trimmer with Long Extension Pole:

Keeping Dewalt out of the equation while discussing home improvement tools is literally impossible. One of the most famous brands has introduced a cordless string trimmer that can eat weed and unnecessary grass in a blink of an eye. Powered up by a long-lasting battery and combined with a strong motor allows the trimmer to remove grass from narrow places. There is no compromise on the overall buildup quality as the trimmer lasts for a long time without any problem. Besides, I’ve used this string trimmer for cleaning my garden various times and to be honest, it never disappointed me. Although the price is a bit expensive, you should give this tool a try to maintain the beauty of your garden in a perfect manner.

Some important features are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Dewalt cordless string trimmer is famous for its long-lasting battery. It allows you to remove unwanted grass from most of the places of your garden within a single charge.

In addition to that, this trimmer has a swath of 13″ with a 0.080″ line. It allows an extensive cleaning interface and the string is strong enough to whack the weed within no time.

An adjustable handle offers ease of use and better control of the trimmer while you are involved in removing needless plants and shrubs.

Apart from other features, Dewalt has made sure that the trimmer can be maneuvered easily. In that case, the frame of this tool has been made with lightweight but durable materials. Hence you can easily carry it around from one place to another.

Lastly, the best cordless trimmer for weed offers two-speed options. You can manage the speed with the help of a variable trigger as per your preference.


  • Lightweight and durable frame.
  • 13″ swath offers extensive cleaning.
  • Suitable for removing unnecessary plants.
  • Adjustable handle included.
  • No spooling issues.
  • Variable trigger for controlling speed.


  • Expensive price tag (Justified).
  • Can’t be converted to edger.

Final Views:

A blend of sophistication, ease of use, better cleaning operation along with durability are some qualities you’d get with this trimmer from Dewalt. So, what are you waiting for? Get this tool before it’s too late.


  1. Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer – Quiet Working Operation:


“Noise” is a common problem that many people face while they are cleaning their gardens with different trimming tools. When it comes to cordless string trimmers, a noise-free tool has been introduced by Greenworks which is worth a try. This trimmer can whack weed, remove small plants, clean the flowerbeds, etc while remaining quiet during the operation. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, with this premium option comes a hefty price tag that you’ll have to pay if you demand value and quality.

The valuable features available within the string trimmer are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

The presence of a long-lasting battery makes it easier for the trimmer to clean unwanted or overgrown grass without any hassle. You can keep on working with this trimmer for many hours.

Besides, the motor equipped in this trimmer uses 40V power and is capable of removing unwanted shrubs no matter how stubborn they are.

There is a long extension pole installed within the trimmer to let you reach narrow places conveniently. You can locate and remove overgrown from corners and farther places of the garden without any worries.

Lastly, the trimmer is convertible to edger. So, balancing the edges of pathways with the help of Greenworks noise-free cordless trimmer will become easier than expected.


  • Noise-free working operation.
  • Powerful motor installed.
  • Swath size is larger.
  • Can be used for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Convertible to edger.


  • A bit expensive.
  • A bit bulky.

Final Views:

A noise-free cordless string trimmer with so many qualities has been offered by Greenworks. So, consider getting it if you don’t want any nuisance while managing the garden-cleaning tasks.


  1. Makita XRU02Z – Trimmer with Fast Cutting Speed:

Makita XRU02Z - Trimmer with Fast Cutting Speed:

Makita XRU02Z promises fast speed with aggressive working operation within a justified price tag. The brand has focused on including different options and features that allow the trimmer to work at a better efficiency rate. As for the overall build quality, it’s well up to the mark. That said, this tool can wipe out overgrown grass around the trees or hedges within a short time. Besides, you’d be getting this ultra-fast string trimmer at an affordable price tag of around 100 bucks only. So, if you are already suffering from a limited budget problem, then Makita string trimmer should be on your priority list.

Some notable features are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

The presence of a powerful motor in Makita cordless trimmer helps it to produce a cutting speed of 7000RPM which is stupendous. The trimmer can thus wipe out weed and overgrown grass from narrow places within a short time.

Portability is also ensured. The trimmer has been made with premium and lightweight materials to ensure maximum maneuverability.

One thing that has impressed me a lot regarding this trimmer is that its height can easily be adjusted. The telescoping shaft can be adjusted from 48″ to 56″ to enjoy cleaning distant areas without any hassle.

Last but not the least, the presence of an ergonomic and adjustable handle helps you to remain in control while cutting overgrown grass and shrubs.


  • 7000RPM cutting speed.
  • Powerful brushless motor included.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Swath size is large.
  • Justified price tag.


  • Battery is sold separately.
  • Edger cannot work effectively.

Final Views:

Makita cordless string trimmer should be on your radar if you are aiming to clean your backyard within a short time period. Check it out as it’s available within an affordable budget.


  1. Earthwise CST00012 – Best Cordless String Trimmer for the Money:

Earthwise CST00012 - Best Cordless String Trimmer for the Money:

The latest string trimmer from Earthwise has a simple shape and frame. However, you cannot underestimate it as the trimmer can easily whack the weed with immense power. Yeah, you heard it right. The trimmer has been backed by a durable battery which will last longer than expected. Besides, it has been equipped with a strong motor that produces fast rotations to make your work convenient. So, this tool is, in short, a perfect option in case you have a limited budget to invest in a cordless string trimmer.

The important features are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

A 12″ cutting width is more than enough to clean a larger area within a short time. You can balance the grass of your lawn with ease in this regard.

Other than that, there are three adjustable angles available that can be used to reach distant places in the garden for better cleaning experience.

A lightweight and durable frame with the presence of an ergonomic handle allows you to hold this trimmer for a long time without any fatigue.

Lastly, Earthwise cordless string trimmer can be converted to an edger that can be utilized in cleaning the edges of pathways smoothly.


  • Durable and sturdy frame.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Powerful motor removes weed easily.
  • Convertible to edger.
  • Ergonomic handle included.


  • Not for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Customer support is terrible.

Final Views:

Consider getting Earthwise cordless string trimmer if your lawn needs to be maintained regularly.


  1. CRAFTSMAN V20 – With 2 Speed Settings:

CRAFTSMAN V20 - With 2 Speed Settings:

CRAFTSMAN V20 is a perfect combo of a string trimmer and edger that can be used for multiple garden cleaning tasks. That being said, this cordless trimmer has got a lightweight frame to ensure a better working interface. On the other hand, there are two-speed controls available that can be utilized as per your preferences. As for the frame construction, it’s pretty much durable and sturdy at the same time. The price tag; however, is a bit expensive. But, that’s what you have to pay to enjoy extra perks with this trimmer.

Some important features are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

A two-speed control option is already present in the trimmer. You can increase or decrease the speed with the help of a variable trigger to enjoy an extensive cleaning experience.

The pole can be extended as per your will and wish. With this option, you can easily reach farther places to whack small weed or unnecessary plants.

Last but not the least, there is a 13″ cutting swath included within the best cordless string trimmer. With the help of a large swath, you can enjoy cutting unwanted grass with enhanced efficiency.


  • Durable and lightweight frame.
  • Adjustable pole extension.
  • 13″ cutting swath.
  • Backed by a long-lasting battery.
  • 3-years limited warranty.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Battery draining issue at fast speed.

Final Views:

CRAFTSMAN V20 is indeed a perfect choice for the homeowners who are interested in maintaining their lawns with 100% efficiency. Better get it before it runs out of stock.


  1. Ryobi ONE+ – Best Portable Cordless String Trimmer

Ryobi ONE+ - Best Portable Cordless String Trimmer

Don’t underestimate Ryobi One+ just because it has a portable and compact size. This string trimmer + edger combo is one of the most powerful tools available in the market. Besides, you’d also get to enjoy using leaf blower which has been included in the package. All in all, I’d recommend this portable string trimmer deal to the peeps who need to clean different areas of their garden regularly.

Some important features are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

The presence of a powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery makes it easier for you to cut unwanted grass without any hassle.

Other than that, one of the reasons I like Ryobi One+ is that it has a durable yet lightweight frame. No matter for how long you handle it, the tool will never let you feel tired.

Lastly, along with a string trimmer + edger, you’d also get a bonus tool i.e. a durable leaf blower. You can use it to clean the pathways from leaves within a short time.


  • 10-inch cutting swath.
  • Trimmer can reach farther places.
  • Perfect for long-term use.
  • Portable shape.
  • Customer support is responsive.


  • No adjustable handle included.
  • Cannot cut weed with efficiency.

Final Views:

Ryobi One+ with some minor tweaks is still a better option to be considered if you are interested in cleaning your garden with effectiveness.


  1. Shindaiwa T3000 – Heavy-Duty Cordless String Trimmer

Shindaiwa T3000 - Heavy-Duty Cordless String Trimmer

Shindaiwa T3000 is better than all other string trimmers if we take the working efficiency in perspective. It’s one of the most advanced trimming tools available in the market. With a heavy-duty motor being installed in it, this trimmer will easily clean narrow places in your backyard without any issues. However, keep in mind that this trimmer will cost you around 150 bucks which is justified considering how overpowered this tool is.

Some important features regarding T3000 are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

This cordless string trimmer is extremely aggressive when it comes to whacking weed or removing unwanted shrubs. That said, it has been powered by a 56-volt brushless motor to ensure a better working interface.

Other than that, an ergonomic and adjustable handle is also included within the trimmer. The handle can be used to hold the tool for a long time without any fatigue.

Lastly, there are two cutting swaths available with different sizes i.e. 12″ and 14″. For an extensive cleaning operation, you should attach the 14″ cutting swath. However, keep in mind that it will consume more battery power.


  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • Suitable for extensive cleaning.
  • Can eat weed like a piece of cake.
  • Adjustable handle included.


  • Not lightweight.
  • Battery might drain fast.

Final Views:

T3000 by Shindaiwa is all about aggression and more power. I’d recommend you to check it out only if you are aiming for a long-term investment.


  1. EGO Power+ ST1500-S – Best Weed Whacker Under 150

EGO Power+ ST1500-S - Best Weed Whacker Under 150

We’ll be wrapping up our review section with the inclusion of another powerful string trimmer that is available at an expensive price tag. This trimmer will remove all unnecessary and overgrown plants to ensure a better cleaning interface. With a heavy-duty and sturdy frame, Ego Power+ can be used for a long time without any worries.

The important features offered by one of the best cordless string trimmers are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

First of all, the presence of a dual feed twist line enhances the cleaning operation and helps to remove unnecessary shrubs and plants in a short time.

The telescoping pole present can easily be extended to ensure that the trimmer can reach extremely narrow places with ease.

Finally, a hi-efficiency brushless motor being equipped in the trimmer increases the cutting power and helps you to balance the backyard in a short time.


  • Brushless motor offers more efficiency.
  • Heavy-duty frame construction.
  • Adjustable handle included.
  • Telescoping pole can be extended.


  • Expensive price tag.
  • Not lightweight.

Final Views:

Grab the opportunity to get Ego Power+ string trimmer if budget is not a problem for you.


Top 3 Recommendations:

As per my experience, positive feedback from users, and budget range, the top 3 recommendations are as follows:

  1. Black+Decker LST300 as it’s the best string trimmer of 2020.
  2. Dewalt DCST925M1 as it’s my personal favorite.
  3. Shindaiwa T3000 if you are looking for a heavy-duty and powerful cordless string trimmer.

How to Select the Best Cordless String Trimmer in 2021? A Complete Guide:

Choosing a perfect cordless string trimmer might include some complexities that I want you people to avoid at all costs.

Therefore, here I am with a list of some important features that you should never overlook while selecting a cordless trimming tool.

Let’s have a look without any further ado:

1.     Don’t Compromise on Motor and Battery:

First things first, the presence of a heavy-duty motor is extremely necessary for a string trimmer to remove stubborn weed and unnecessary shrubs.

That’s the main reason I recommend getting a trimmer that comes with a brushless motor. A brushless motor produces high torque which allows the string to rotate at a higher pace.

Apart from the motor, another most important feature that you should never miss out on is the presence of a long-lasting battery. Lithium-ion batteries already equipped in the string trimmers can last for a good time already.

In short, the combination of a brushless motor along with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery will ensure a better working interface for a long time.

2.     Adjustable Handle:

One other thing which is not considered by the people while choosing a cordless string trimmer is an adjustable and ergonomic handle. Believe me, it’s extremely necessary to consider this option.

Without the presence of an adjustable handle, it would become difficult for you to keep the trimmer in control. Other than that, you’d get tired within a short time. So, always prefer getting a cordless string trimmer that has an adjustable handle available.

3.     Is a Convertible Trimmer Worth It?

Of course, it is. The trimmers that I’ve used over the years were all convertible. That being said, the converted edger can help you a lot in maintaining the edges of pathways.

You won’t be able to balance the edges of pathways with the help of a trimmer only. So, a combo is always a preference for me especially when I’m choosing a cordless string trimmer.

4.     Telescoping Pole:

A long telescoping pole is always better as it helps you to reach narrow and farther places without any tiredness. So, I always try to get my hands on trimmers with long extension poles. In this way, I’m able to clean my lawn and garden by removing all unnecessary plants without any worries.

5.     Budget Matters:

Last but not the least, budget also matters. Let me be fully honest here. Forget about getting a durable, powerful, and long-lasting trimmer if you are unable to invest at least 150 bucks.

Affordable choices are also available on our list. However, such trimmers have limited features and would cause problems in a long run. So, the choice is yours to make in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.     What is the best cordless string trimmer to buy in 2020?

I’d recommend you to check out DEWALT DCST925M1 as it’s the best cordless string trimmer available in the market. With ample qualities and durable construction, the trimmer will work for you for many years to come.

2.     Are cordless string trimmers worth it?

Of course, they are. With a cordless string trimmer, you get the independence to cut down unnecessary shrubs from narrow and distant places without any hassle. It can help you clean the areas where a lawnmower couldn’t do anything.

3.     What is the best heavy-duty string trimmer to buy?

Shindaiwa T3000 is the best choice in this regard as it comes with a 56 Volt, a brushless motor that is extremely aggressive and powerful. So, go for it if you need a heavy-duty string trimmer for your garden.

Some Last Words:

Getting a cordless string trimmer will make the garden-cleaning task much easier than expected. It can be used instead of a lawnmower especially when you are unable to remove weed and unwanted plants.

So, check out the list I’ve mentioned above, make a suitable choice and you’d enjoy different garden-cleaning tasks for a long time.

Comment down any important query you have in mind regarding the main topic and I’d get back to all questions as soon as possible.

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