10 Best Garden Cart 2021 – Top Picks with Ultimate Guide

Best Garden Cart

Landscaping, gardening and home renovation are very fulfilling tasks, but they also have a nightmarish side of needing tons of materials and equipments that will require you to take multiple trips in order to gather all the necessary supplies on jobsite. It’s times like these when you’ve an odd desire of having multiple hands like an octopus to carry all the stuff in a single trip. Hold on! Why are you wishing for something implausible when you can have a very plausible and reasonable alternative? Just two words and all your worries will vanish like they never existed: “Garden Cart”.

With the advent of garden carts carrying a large number of supplies and belongings to your designated spot has become a matter of a single or few trip. It’s because the equipment features beefy construction along with a sizeable tray or compartment with considerable load capacity to easily accommodate a large number of materials. Its robust wheels and smooth grip handle makes dragging the loaded unit to your desired location a breeze.

Like all other products, garden carts also come in varying designs with some looking like crate wagons, dumping carts, trolleys or typical wheelbarrow carts. However, no matter what the shape looks like, the end goal of all is the same i.e. to haul multiple objects at once to be easily unloaded to wherever you want them.

Best Garden Cart 2021 Reviews

Since it may take you weeks on end to find a best garden cart, we took it upon ourselves to narrow it down to a matter of a few minutes for your convenience. There’s a list of 10 of the best garden carts with their strengths and weaknesses along with a buyer’s guide to help you figure out which model will be at par with your needs.

Top Garden Cart Comparison Table

Garden Cart
barrow Yard
Garden Cart
Garden Cart
Garden Cart
Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM 
Gorilla Carts
Garden Cart
Carts Vermont M20S Garden Cart
Garden Cart
Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart
Gorilla Carts
Dump Cart
Yard Rover
Garden Cart
Heavy Duty
Garden Cart
Garden Cart

1.   Femor TCN-153 Folding Garden Cart


This garden cart actually stands for convenience in true sense of the word. From price point to set up process to hauling of load to transporting and storing it, all parameters have user’s convenience as a primary standard.

Its assembling will take only a few minutes and then it will be ready to serve you for many years. Like set up, its folding is also easy, just pull the strap and it will be folded for easy storage wherever you want, car trunk, closet, or garage. We said many years because it’s constructed from heavy-duty iron chassis and waterproof fabric that can endure as much as 165lb weight frequently without warpage under load.

With this load capacity you can carry anything from garden equipment to sports gears, tools, grocery and so much more in a single trip to your targeted location. In other words, this highly durable and space-saving unit can be taken for shopping, garden-maintenance assignment, beach, camping or road trip. Thanks to its fully rotatable wheels and fixed handle you’ll have no trouble dragging it along loaded to the brim on any of these outdoor trips.

We see the wheels turning in your head, so here is the final push. It will not weigh you down in any way, both financially and physically.


  • Durable, lightweight and portable.
  • Affordable.
  • Can endure load up to 165 lbs.
  • Easy to assemble and store.
  • Suitable for a wide array of outdoor trips.


  • Wheels could be made better.
  • Canvas’ base needs support.

Final Verdict:

This garden cart is a good choice to consider not only because of its affordability, but also durability and load capacity. Its lightweight and foldable design makes it a perfect contender for any outdoor assignment.


2.   Best Choice Products SKY2705 Garden Cart, (Wheelbarrow)


If you want to make the best choice regarding a garden cart, then picking this wheelbarrow cart by Best Choice Products indeed is a best choice. It comes in a durable steel and rubber construction with powder-coating to ensure its shape and luster remains intact even after years of use.

Having a total of 330lb weight capacity and a deep tray means it can carry up to 5 cubic ft of soil, mulch, gravel, sand, wood etc. – this calls for minimum number of trips for completing a task. In other words, it’s a versatile garden cart that can come in handy not only in garden-care projects, but also during construction and home renovation assignments.

The most attractive of all is that unlike typical wheelbarrows you’ll not experience any pains while maneuvering this one, especially when fully loaded, since it profiles a looped handle with padding to offer smooth and comfortable grip. You can easily tilt, push or pull it in any direction and double it over as a stand for keeping the unit idle.

Finally, sturdy wheels allow you to steer and roll it over any terrain effortlessly. That’s not it though, a secondary benefit of these robust wheels is that they prove helpful in keeping the tool stable on any surface and also provide efficient storage.


  • Long-lasting and lightweight construction with rust-proof coating.
  • Suitable for multiple purposes.
  • Smooth grip handle doubles over to act as a stand.
  • 330lbs weight capacity.
  • Sturdy wheels provide stability and easy movement.


  • Vague instructions for assembling.
  • Rubber quality of the tires could be improved.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a highly durable garden cart that can serve you for many years without succumbing to rust or intense usage, then this wheelbarrow cart is a worthy contender.


3.   AMES 2463675 Garden Cart


AMES has a specialty to manufacture tools that don’t back out from the commitment they make and this garden cart shows how it stands true to its promises. Made from tough, poly plastic, the tool has the strength to withstand any weather condition.

It’s comes with a main compartment of 3 cubic feet capacity and a recessed tool tray to keep tools organized. Additionally, side clips allow you to securely place rake, hoe or shovel as well. Meaning, you can easily transport garden gears, leaves, branches, and more to your desired location without any trouble.

More impressive is its ultra-wide wheelbase that keeps the tool stable even when loaded, eliminating any possibility of tipping over and creating mess. Not only this but with tubular axle and large wheels, you can effortlessly guide it in any direction. It will fluidly roll over any terrain.

The only caveat is its relatively higher price which is quite expected because best things do come with a high cost.


  • Weather-resistant poly construction.
  • Tubular axle and wide wheels for easy maneuvering.
  • 3 cubic feet capacity.
  • Recessed tray and side clips for organizing tools in one place.
  • Wide wheelbase provides maximum stability.


  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Plastic construction doesn’t last long on regular use.

Final Verdict:

This garden cart is relatively high-costing but in return you get a highly durable unit that can withstand any weather condition. Besides, with its extra compartment and side clips, you can place all the tools required for the job right under your hand.


4.   FIXKIT Folding Garden Cart


As the name suggests, it’s a fix for all your outdoor activities and that also without putting a dent in your wallet. If you’re one of those people who find it irritating to assemble tools, then this will be a real treat for you because putting it together doesn’t involve quantum physics. It’s a simple matter of folding and unfolding. Peachy right?

The tool comes with a collapsible steel frame and heavy-duty fabric that can shrink to 1/10th of its original size when folded so you can easily store it wherever you want, car trunk, cabinet or garage.

As established earlier, you can take it to any outdoor trip including camping, shopping, beach trip etc. and 150lb weight capacity means you can haul all the gears in it that you’ll possibly require on any of the listed expeditions. Besides, two extra pockets allow you to carry water bottles, snacks, phone or anything else within arm’s reach when you’re moving.

More impressive is its flexible handle with a lock that can be extended to user’s height so that you can pull or drag it without awkwardly bending. Besides, fully rotatable four wheels allow you to effortlessly roll it over any surface while dual brakes on front wheels help you keep them locked on sloping ground. Meaning, it will move or stand still as per your directions.


  • Heavy-duty construction with rust-resistant coating.
  • Collapsible steel frame for effortless storage.
  • Multi-purpose garden cart.
  • Adjustable handle with fully rotatable wheels for effortless maneuvering.
  • Brakes on front wheels keep the wagon from slipping on sloping surfaces.
  • Extra pockets for keeping small items like water bottles within reach.


  • Rolling it over sand requires extra effort.
  • Lock on handle is a bit flimsy.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a durable garden cart that you can easily store and carry with you to any outdoor trip, then this model is a worth-considering option. Moreover, it’s very affordable and has the capacity to haul all your equipments required for the job.


5.   Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM Garden Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM 

Looking at this cart ensures that it can handle any job that involves transporting heavy load. Its large compartment and steel mesh bed is extra durable and spacious to accommodate wide range of equipments at once – ensuring you transport everything you need to work area in a single trip.

You can even remove the sides and convert it into a flatbed to easily carry bulky objects like lumber, fence posts, tree limbs etc. Besides, its dual-ability handle – convertible and towable handle – has padding to provide comfortable grip when pulling or pushing the unit while it offers gorilla-like strength to pull up to 1400-pounds of load when towed.

This steel cart has a simple design which gives you hassle-free assembling that will take only a few minutes. Similarly, its maneuvering is also hassle-free thanks to large pneumatic tires. These larger wheels have a secondary function of offering enough ground clearance to let you easily roll the unit on any surface. To sum up, it’s the answer to all those outdoor jobs that involve frequent back and forth trips to carry loads.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction with high weight carrying capacity.
  • Removable sides to accommodate larger load.
  • Padded handle provides comfortable grip and can also be towed.
  • Large turf tires provide extra maneuverability, rigidity and stability.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • Larger frame and wheels make it hard to take a sharp turn.
  • Front wheels don’t move ideally when it’s hitched to a tractor.

Final Verdict:

Despite a few downsides, this heavy-duty garden cart is highly versatile to handle a variety of tough jobs around garden or farm. Its oversized compartment with high weight capacity can effortlessly haul bulky objects at once to let you carry heaviest loads to work area in a single trip.


6.    Carts Vermont M20S Garden Cart

Carts Vermont M20S Garden Cart

This garden cart emphasizes on less trouble while finishing chores in small to mid-sized yard or garden. Its welded front and plated steel components have the strength and ruggedness to endure a weight of 300lbs. To enjoy more convenient transportation of even longer objects, you have the option of removing front panel.

With its 6.5 cubic feet capacity tray, you can collect a huge amount of leaves, dirt, gravel or anything else during your gardening chores. Moreover, its higher handles and large semi-pneumatic wheels allow you to effortlessly drag or pull it – without bending your back much – on any flat surface even when loaded to the full capacity. However, a downside is that it will call for extra effort on your part when hauling heavy loads up hills.

Finally, it’s quite expensive, but this well-made cart can last for over a decade without wearing out.


  • Constructed from plywood and rust-resistant steel.
  • 5 cubic feet volume tray with 300lbs weight capacity.
  • Removable front panel to accommodate larger objects.
  • Higher handles with large wheels offer effortless maneuvering.
  • 1-year unconditional warranty.


  • Needs extra effort to drag the unit up a slope.
  • Pricey.

Final Verdict:

If you can afford to go extravagant, then investing in this garden cart will let you enjoy years of service around gardening chores. Another advantage of this garden cart is that it offers effortless hauling of load on flat surfaces.


7.   Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts has manufactured this dump cart with prime focus on user’s convenience – affordability, durability and easy assemblage. 4 cubic feet poly tray with steel frame make it a dependable and valuable option for both, home and commercial use.

The cart comes with a total of 600lb hauling capacity, and with the help of padded handle pulling such amount of weight becomes easy. The job becomes more effortless as it profiles four pneumatic wheels – maximum stability and maneuverability at your disposal.

The most striking aspect is its ability to easily dump the load which is made possible with its quick-release dump feature. This feature lets the poly bed to switch to full vertical position that makes emptying the load a breeze.

As mentioned earlier, innovative design attempts at making its assembling a matter of a few minutes and also gives you improved ground clearance to let you enjoy smooth performance.


  • Durable and affordable.
  • Quick-release feature for easy dumping of load.
  • 4 cubic feet poly tray with 600lb weight capacity.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Padded handle and four wheels for effortless pulling and maneuvering.


  • This poly body isn’t suitable for carrying oddly shaped objects.
  • Pneumatic wheels are prone to flattening under load.

Final Verdict:

This garden cart is a beast when it comes to carrying and dumping of load. In a customer-friendly price, you get a solidly build dumping cart that can let you enjoy years of use, home or commercial, without warpage under load.


8.   Marathon Yard Rover – wheelbarrow Garden Cart


Everyone wants best product for home use, and this wheelbarrow garden cart ensures that you get the best without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Once you experience the comfort it provides, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll accept any other unit.

Its poly plastic construction is not only durable and rust-proof but also weighs 25% less, making it a perfect equipment for people of all age and strength, including the elderly. Furthermore, its assemblage is also a child’s play. So in seconds it will be erected up for your service.

The 5-cubic feet capacity tray with a total load limit of 300 lbs means you can place a considerable quantity of mulch, gravel, debris, topsoil, firewood, stones and many other objects of the likes and dump them wherever you want. Yes, you got the hint right. Emptying the load is as easy as taking the next breath.

No matter how many times you drag or pull the loaded cart across your yard or house, you will not feel a speck of fatigue or strain in any part of your body, especially hands, as it features two flat-free sizeable wheels and a loop handle with cushioned grip. Together they contribute to give maximum stability and maneuvering on any terrain.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • 300lbs load capacity.
  • Ideal for domestic use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Double wheels with a looped handle provide optimum stability and maneuverability.


  • Cannot stand up to heavy duty commercial use.
  • Low-on-the ground design will be problematic for heighted people.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a reliable and dependable garden cart for residential use that can endure a sizeable amount of weight and abuse without giving out, then investing in this model is your best bet.


9.   PayLessHere Heavy Duty Garden Cart


Its name doesn’t leave much to the imagination. To put it further simply for you, by paying less you get more with this garden cart. Its installation is easy, depending on how you look at sparing almost 45 minutes for putting it all together.

It’s light and strong at the same time – thanks to heavy plastic and steel frame built, making it suitable for people of all age and all kind of landscapes including gardens, warehouses, construction sites and hillsides. You can easily stack weeding material, fertilizers, garden pots or any other cargo and transport it to wherever you want, provided that you don’t overshoot its weight limit of 300-pounds.

Inflatable four wheels are sturdy and durable enough to easily glide over any surface; and together with non-slip rubberized grip handle, its pulling, pushing and dumping is as effortless as blowing a feather even when its fully loaded with supplies.


  • Wear-resistant poly construction with steel chassis.
  • Suitable for wide range of applications on any landscape.
  • Can accommodate supplies of up to 300-pounds weight.
  • Inflatable four wheels and non-slip handle make pulling and pushing fatigueless.


  • Assembling it needs time and patience.
  • Wheels start squeaking under load.

Final Verdict:

This versatile garden cart can tackle supply-carrying applications on all kinds of landscape, including residential and commercial, due to its heavy duty construction and sturdy, all-terrain wheels.


10.  Sandusky Lee CW3418 Garden Cart Wagon


This crate wagon style garden cart has the muscles and strength to endure 400lbs of load, which is the result of its steel mesh bed with corrosion-resistant enameling. This powder-coating enhances its durability to make it last longer than expected.

It can be converted into a flatbed by folding down or removing the sides to easily accommodate oversized, oddly-shaped objects. These foldable and removable sides further come in handy when unloading the load to your desired location. Meaning, from logs to garden-care equipments, it can carry any kind of material. This further elaborates that it can be used in gardens, warehouses, construction sites, stores or any other place where frequent supply-carrying is required.

In addition, its handle is also made of durable steel with a D-shaped grip that attempt at making the steering of whole set up as easy as walk in the park. Finally, it features four 10-inche pneumatic tires that are also shock-resistant. Meaning, you can guide the unit on any terrain, rough or smooth, indoors or outdoors, without needing hulk-like strength and force.


  • Rust-resistant steel construction.
  • Sides can be folded down or removed.
  • Versatile wagon cart can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Shock-resistant tires can smoothly glide over any terrain.
  • D-shaped grip handle for fatigueless pulling and pushing.


  • Assembling is time-consuming.
  • Tires reek of chemicals.

Final Verdict:

This versatile wagon cart is suitable for hauling of medium-sized weight around any indoor or outdoor assignment including gardens, warehouses, stores, construction sites etc. Its steel construction with rust-proof coating gives the whole unit desirable longevity in a fairly reasonable price.


 Buyer’s Guide: Getting Best Garden Cart 2021

To get maximum benefit from a garden cart calls for investing in a best model. To get your hands on a best garden cart means you need to look out for several important features to make you get the best serving model.

  • Construction Material:

The material from which a garden cart is manufactured determines its strength and durability, not to mention serving tenure. Steel-constructed garden carts are the strongest and longest serving ones. They also have high endurance to withstand heavy load and intense usage. On the other hand, plastic and polyethylene material are also durable but they are small in size and prone to cracking under frequent heavy loading. So, if you have to use a garden cart occasionally, then a plastic or poly constructed will also serve you well. They are also dependable option because of their weather and scratch resistant body.

  • Weight Capacity:

The utility of a garden cart hinges on the maximum weight it can withstand. Maximum load carrying capacity relies on your intended purpose. If you’ve to use a garden cart for simple garden-care assignments, then even a 300lbs capacity cart will be suffice for your needs.

On the other hand, for frequent heavy duty carrying, prefer a model with 600lb or above weight capacity. Besides, go for those models that come with removable sides or panels to accommodate longer and bigger objects with ease. Removable sides have an added benefit of making loading and unloading absolutely hassle-free.

  • Tires:

Transporting heavy loads from one place to another without breaking a sweat is made possible because of the wheels of a garden cart. The cart with bigger wheels will roll over any surface, including rough terrains, more easily.

Similarly, number of wheels is also important as they play a huge role in allowing the unit retain its stability and balance even when fully loaded. Unlike wheelbarrow carts, garden carts usually incorporate 2 or 4 tires to help you effortlessly transport heavy loads without letting the unit tip over.

  • Handle:

This is another worth-considering feature as it plays a pivotal role in effortless steering and pulling of a fully loaded garden cart. Always go for a design that has adjustable handle with padding as not only will it extend to match your height but the rubberized or foam padding will also provide comfortable grip, making the whole pulling and pushing process easier and less straining.


People love renovating their gardens or houses, but these assignments call for troublesome moving back and forth for collecting all the necessary equipments to one place. Investing in a best model of garden cart can erase all your worries and let you enjoy effortless transporting of heavy loads to your targeted job location in less number of rounds. The above list of garden carts and buyer’s guide make sure that instead of spending weeks on quest of finding a suitable garden cart, you only spare a few minutes to evaluate and figure out which model serves your purpose best.