7 Best Hedge Pole Trimmer 2021 – Top Picks with Ultimate Guide

Best Hedge Pole Trimmer

Perfectly maintained and groomed outdoor green space plays a huge role in making your home look beautiful and welcoming. This calls for regular pruning and shaping of hedges and bushes around your garden/yard and house. A regular hedge trimmer will work fine as long as you’re dealing with small hedges. To reach taller ones, you either have to be world’s tallest man or resort to taking help from a ladder. First is quite impossible and the second one is quite dangerous. A third quite simpler and safer solution is to switch to a pole hedge trimmer.

A pole hedge trimmer has all the necessary features of a regular hedge trimmer like sharp blades with decent cutting capacity with the addition of extendable pole that will give you a long reach to neatly trim taller hedges and bushes. The presence of ergonomic handle in a lightweight design will ensure that the job is done as tirelessly as possible.

Best Hedge Pole Trimmer 2021 Reviews

Whether you want to pick a corded or battery-powered cordless model depends on the size of your targeted property and the amount of hedges you have there.

Below list has some of the best pole hedge trimmers for your evaluation. You can take assistance from buyer’s guide at the bottom to reach a decision.

Top Hedge Pole Trimmer Comparison Table

Sun Joe 21-Inch, 21-Inch Telescopic Electric Hedge Trimmer
Sun Joe
Electric Pole
Hedge Trimmer
Earthwise LPHT12022 20-inch, 20-inch cordless hedge trimmer, 2.0 Ah battery and fast charger included
Cordless Pole
Hedge Trimmer
Black and Decker Electric Hedge Trimmer with 20V Max Li-ion Battery, Includes 20V Battery
Cordless Pole
Hedge Trimmer
Greenworks PSPH40B210 - Sierra de arco inalámbrica de 8 pulgadas y 40 V con accesorio para recortadora de setos, batería de 2 Ah y cargador incluidos
Pole Saw
VonHaus 40V Cordless Pole Recortadora y sierra
Cordless 8”
Pole Saw
WORX WG252 - Clamp-On Edge Trimmer (20V)
WG252 Pole
Hedge Trimmer
GARCARE 4.8-amp Cortasetos cable multiangular, cuchilla láser de 20 pulgadas, incluye cubierta para la cuchilla
Corded Pole
Hedge Trimmer

1.   Sun Joe SJH902E Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe 21-Inch, 21-Inch Telescopic Electric Hedge Trimmer

There’s hardly any brand that is as dedicated to perfect-looking green outdoor space as Sun Joe. This pole hedge trimmer is another one from their collection, with their hallmark affordable pricing, that lets you groom hedges and plants without much effort and fatigue.

Thanks to its 4-amp motor and cutting capacity of 0.7”, it will let you prune some of the tougher and taller hedges and shrubs efficiently.

For a pole hedge trimmer, this one has by far one of the longest extending pole with a total 13-ft of reach, eliminating risky alternative of using ladder. Shaping tall hedges, bushes and shrubs will no more be a problem with such reach. Also, its pivoting head ensures that the trimmer can easily access hard-to-reach areas under and above hedges for precise and neat trimming.

In addition, its 21-inch large hardened steel blade not only signifies the durability of the tool, but also perfectly shear hedges, twigs and branches beyond your reach.

This is one of the lightest models, but most of the weight is concentrated towards the base of the blade which make it fatiguing to use it for long stretches of time. However, the issue is dealt with to some extent through its ergonomic handle and shoulder strap that balance the weight and provide comfort at the same time to minimize straining of hand.

More impressive is Sun Joe’s signature 2-year warranty that make the deal even more irresistible.


  • Affordable.
  • Adjustable pivoting head for precise trimming.
  • Pole extends up to 8-ft.
  • Dual action steel blade offers durability and longer reach.
  • Smooth grip handle and shoulder strap for comfortable operation.


  • Limited cut capacity isn’t suitable for thicker branches.
  • Weight isn’t properly balanced, making it hard maneuver.

Bottom Line:

If you want to have an affordable pole hedge trimmer that comes with extra reach to easily prune and shape taller hedges and shrubs without needing a ladder, then this model is a safe option.

2.   Earthwise LPHT12022 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise LPHT12022 20-inch, 20-inch cordless hedge trimmer, 2.0 Ah battery and fast charger included

This cordless pole hedge trimmer shows that how you can switch to a cordless model without losing much power or spending hefty amount of money. Its powerful 20V Li-ion rechargeable battery comes with a high capacity to let you enjoy longer runtime and faster recharging. A secondary benefit is that it’s compatible with all 20V Earthwise products.

Besides, with 2600 strokes per minute, you’ll cover larger area in less time. This means, you’ll be able to shape all hedges and shrubs across your property without frequent interruption of recharging. Its 20-inch long dual-action blade cuts through branches as thick as 5/8” without jamming.

To let you enjoy more control and precision, it comes with a 6-position rotating cutting head and telescopic pole which becomes 5-ft long when fully extended. With all these increments, there will be hardly any hedge or branch, tall or small, that will miss your attention no matter how odd the angle is.

The tool is quite light in weight and together with comfortable grip handle with trigger and safety switch, you can enjoy better leverage and control to achieve more precise and clean trimming without maiming the hedges. You’ll also appreciate the protective cover that you can use to sheath the blade when storing the device.


  • 20V battery offers longer runtime and fast charging.
  • 6-postion rotating cutting head.
  • Extendable pole for reaching taller hedges.
  • Overmold handle for comfortable operation.


  • The trigger needs to be continuously held down.
  • Tad bit heavy to hold for longer period of time.

Bottom Line:

This cordless pole hedge trimmer gives you sufficient runtime and control to cleanly cut and trim hedges around your garden, walkways or any other part of the property. Its reasonable price further makes it a worth-considering option.

3.   Black+Decker Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer (LPHT120)

Earthwise LPHT12022 20-inch, 20-inch cordless hedge trimmer, 2.0 Ah battery and fast charger included

Black+Decker brings innovation in its products but the ability to steal user’s heart remains common in all of them. This model has the same charming ability. It’s powered by a 20V battery that offers longer juice and lifespan than NiCad batteries.

The feature that makes the user’s hooked is its reduced vibration, 40% less vibration, during operation. So, you’ll go about trimming hedges and plants without feeling an earthquake in your arm and body.

Moreover, its 18-inch long blade can rapidly slice through branches up to 7/16” thickness. Another perk of this smaller blade is that it can easily reach cramped areas. However, the blade might bend upon excessive use.

To cheer you up, it comes with adjustable pole that can extend to 6.5-ft length to let you effectively prune hedges and shrubberies up to a height of 10-ft. This simply means you should ditch using ladder when dealing with taller hedges.

Also, its 180-degree pivoting head has 5 adjustments to let you deftly and neatly deal with unruly shrubs and twigs despite the odd angles they are sticking out from. Comfort and safety during operation are its other two compelling aspects that are delivered through smooth grip handle with a lock-off switch button. This button prevents the device from starting accidentally. You’ll find the same user’s comfort in its pricing also because it lies well within affordability range.


  • Less vibration during operation.
  • Cut branches up to 7/16” thick.
  • 180-degree pivoting head with 5-position adjustments.
  • Lock-off switch button for safety.
  • Affordable.


  • Heavy.
  • Blade is flimsy.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for an affordable cordless pole hedge trimmer that can prune and trim hedges and shrubs without vibrating excessively, then this model despite its few pitfalls will be a wise choice.

4.   Greenworks PSPH40B210 Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks PSPH40B210 - Sierra de arco inalámbrica de 8 pulgadas y 40 V con accesorio para recortadora de setos, batería de 2 Ah y cargador incluidos

Greenworks is a go-to option when you want to bring out the beauty of your outdoor green space. This pole hedge trimmer is a perfect one-man army for clearing your green outdoors of overgrown hedges and shrubs. It incorporates a pole saw and a hedge trimmer in a single body. 8-inch saw blade rips through some of the thick branches as easily as a knife through butter.

The best part is that like your garden, Greenworks knows how to take care of its products as well. Automatic oiler will lubricate saw bar and chain when required. The transparent oil tank gives a clear view of the oil level in the container to let you know when it needs refilling.

The pole can extend to 8-ft length and with 8-positin pivoting head, there isn’t any angle or corner around hedges that you can’t reach. With its 20-inch steel blade and 5/8” cutting capacity, hedges and shrubs will be trimmed to your desired shape.

Its G-Max 40V Li-ion battery is even more impressive as not only it charges faster and provides decent runtime to finish maximum work in a single round, but is also compatible with 50+ 40V Greenworks tools.

The tool isn’t the lightest nor is it the bulkiest, and so is the price range. Another good thing is that it comes with battery and charger to let you get to work immediately.


  • Saw blade and hedge trimmer in one unit.
  • Automatic oiler for chain and bar.
  • 8-positions pivoting head for precise trimming.
  • 20-inch blade with 5/8” cutting capacity.
  • 40V battery system is compatible with 50+ tools.


  • Relatively heavier.
  • Shorter reach.

Bottom Line:

This pole hedge trimmer with saw blade gives you a complete system for effectively shaping hedges and plants around garden/yard. Without making much noise, it will let you finish job in less time.

5.   VonHaus Cordless 8” Pole Saw

VonHaus 40V Cordless Pole Recortadora y sierra

This cordless pole saw can be a best tool for assisting in garden DIY tasks with prime focus on efficiency and convenience. This pole saw is a simple tradeoff for ladder because it has a telescopic pole that can extend from 8 – 10 feet in length. With such length you can easily reach overhead tree branches and trim them with its 8” saw blade.

The tool is slightly heavy, but the weight is made manageable with the inclusion of a shoulder strap and auxiliary handle with foam grip. Together they enable you to hold the unit for longer time without tiring out and also easily maneuver it.

To put you further at ease, it comes with a safety trigger operation that will keep the tool from hazard of accidental starting. It also features a blade cover for further safety. You can cover the blade when not in use for safe storage.

Since it’s battery-powered, you’ll have no fuss of gas or power cords. The battery charges in 75 minutes, which is quite a long gap, but the good thing is that it’s interchangeable with all VonHaus 40V garden power tools.  You’ll also appreciate the tool’s LED charge indicator light that let you monitor charging status.


  • 8” Oregon chainsaw to clip unruly branches.
  • Telescopic pole extends up to 10-ft.
  • Safety trigger to prevent accidental starting.
  • Shoulder strap with smooth grip handle.
  • Blade cover for safe storage.


  • Takes longer to charge.
  • Tad bit heavy.

Bottom Line:

This pole saw comes with a slight rise in price but in return rewards you with a highly efficient tool to assist in garden-care tasks. With extendable pole you can easily deal with unruly overhead tree branches without taking help of a ladder.

6.   WORX WG252 Pole Hedge Trimmer

WORX WG252 - Clamp-On Edge Trimmer (20V)

Worx tools have a knack for blending innovation and simplicity in perfect harmony which works like a dream for DIY community. This hedge trimmer is an apt advertisement of the brand’s legacy.

From price point to build and performance, everything is carved out with user’s convenience in mind. Its flexible nature outshines some hi-fi names in the field. The tool can let you achieve a reach of 12-ft without requiring any risky alternative like ladders. Its 180 rotating rear handle lets you trim in both, vertical and horizontal direction with ease.

Moreover, the tool further gives you an option of adjusting its head to 10 different angles in order to easily approach unruly branches and twigs from any angle for precise trimming. Its 18” laser-cut blade with 3/4” cutting capacity and a speed of 1340 spm will let you neatly shear a wide area of hedges and shrubs overgrowth in a single sweep without the curse of jamming.

Another admirable feature is its lightness. The tool weighs less than 9lbs even with the battery. If you also count the ergonomic handle with minimized vibration in the equation, then there’s no room for fatigue during its operation.

Coming with a battery and charger and a 3-year warranty are extra garnishing on the deal.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Flexible model with extendable pole and rotating rear handle.
  • Adjustable head with 10-angle adjustments.
  • Battery and charger included.
  • Affordable price with a 3-year warranty.


  • Small teeth can’t trim thicker branches.
  • Might be heavy for old age people.

Bottom Line:

This pole hedge trimmer is a dependable option for DIYers not only for its affordability but also for the ease-of-use and flexibility. Its long-lasting battery and 3-year warranty further make it an irresistible deal.

7.   GARCARE Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer

GARCARE 4.8-amp Cortasetos cable multiangular, cuchilla láser de 20 pulgadas, incluye cubierta para la cuchilla

Investing in this pole hedge trimmer means you’ll always have a perfect weapon in hand to attack hedges and shrubs overgrowth. In other words, it’s a perfect tool when you’re out on garden-care project. Its reasonable price is one of the many compelling factors that this tool is hiding up its sleeves.

The tool lies in the middle of weight spectrum, neither extremely lightweight nor too heavy. Powered by a 4.8A motor gives it enough strength to clip branches up to 3/4” thick. Despite being corded, it doesn’t restrict your reach so you’ll have nothing to fuss about. Its telescopic pole extends to 9.2-ft length to let you easily trim tall hedges, bushes and shrubs. In addition, its 6-position pivoting head makes the tool more flexible as it enables you to clip branches sticking out at awkward angles.

Moreover, it features a 20-inch hardened steel laser-cut blade that will give you clean cuts, not to mention cover vast number of hedges and shrubs in one stroke. Since along with garden care it also cares for user’s comfort therefore, it comes with a shoulder strap and rubber grip handle that also smothers excessive vibration. So, you enjoy fatigueless operation with minimized vibration.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Extendable pole for trimming taller hedges, shrubs and branches.
  • Multi-angle pivoting head to trim at odd angles.
  • Rubberized grip handle with vibration absorption ability.
  • Affordable.


  • Might be heavy for some users.
  • Doesn’t come with a trigger lock.

Bottom Line:

If you want to enjoy your garden care sessions, then this pole hedge trimmer is the tool to be consulted. Its flexibility and sharp blades will let you shape almost any kind of hedges, tall or small, across your property in a fatigueless manner.

Buyer’s Guide: Buying Best Hedge Pole Trimmer 2021

While all the pole hedge trimmers may look more or less similar on first glance, there’s actually a lot in play that distinguishes them from each others. This buying guide will briefly highlight some key parameters that can influence performance of your hedge trimmer.

·         Type:

Pole hedge trimmers can be corded or cordless. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a battery-powered cordless model or a corded one. With a cordless model, you’ll not have to worry about power cords and power sockets. Insert the charged battery and take it to any targeted area. This option is great if you’ve hedges spread on large area. However, there’s a downside and that is it gives you a limited runtime. After which you’ll have to put work on hold to let the battery charge fully.

On the other hand, corded models have a limited range due to their dependability on power cord and power supply source. This means you’ll be able to finish work more quickly and also without interruption. They are also less costly than their corded alternatives.

·         Reach:

Pole hedge trimmer are preferred mainly for the long reach. This feature comes in handy when you want to reach top of taller hedges or some hard-to-access spots. Models like Sun Joe come with as long as 13-ft extension pole which means you will have no need of a ladder. There are other models which provide a limited reach of 6-8 feet. The length of hedges across your property will let you decide how much reach is desirable for your needs.

·         Blades:

Most of the models on the list have dual-action blade which means they cut on both sides, so you need to be careful to not injure yourself. This dual-action blade evenly prunes hedges, less possibility of ruining their shape.

Length of the blade also plays an important role. The above mentioned models come with 18-22 inches’ length blades. Larger blades are difficult to wield, especially when trimming in tight corners. However, there’s a simple rule of thumb which says, the larger the blade, the larger and more even the cut will be. It also covers large surface area in a single sweep.

·         Cutting Capacity:

Cutting capacity depends on the gap between blade’s teeth. The larger the gap, the lesser the possibility of blade tangling in hedges’ overgrowth. Larger gap also reduces occurrence of jagged cuts. A blade with 3/4” cutting capacity like that of Worx model is suitable for normal hedges. However, you’ll require a model with 1” cutting capacity in order to successfully deal with overgrown hedges and shrubs.

·         Adjustable Head:

Most of the hedge trimmers feature a pivoting head with multi-angle adjustments. This enables you to neatly cut and trim branches and twigs even if they’re sticking out at odd angles.

·         Weight:

Using a pole hedge trimmer means you’ll be exercising your arm and back a lot. The process can cause a lot of fatigue especially when you a lot of hedges around your property. It is in your best interest to select a model that is light in weight since you’ll be holding it for longer periods. A lightweight model like Worx WG252 will less likely strain your back and hands even if you work for an hour straight.


Pruning and shaping hedges and shrubs around your house and garden can become fatigueless and fun job if you’ve a best pole hedge trimmer on hand. It will easily tackle taller hedges and bushes, without the help of a ladder, with its long reach and sharp blade. Finding a model right for your job and needs will become easy if you know beforehand what to look for in a pole hedge trimmer. The buyer’s guide in this article will give you all the necessary knowledge and then you can scroll back upwards to above listed models to figure out which one fits your needs.