10 Best Hedge Shears 2021 – Top Picks with Ultimate Guide

Best Hedge Shears

Having a heavily hedged and planted garden is a dream of every gardener, landscaper or homeowner. The same dream has the tendency to become a nightmare when all the hedges, shrubs and foliage require regular trimming and pruning. You’re not a garden nymph nor you’re in possession of one to magically transform and shape your lawn and save yourself extra effort and time. However, a feasible option like possessing a pair of hedge shears can help you immensely in trimming and pruning hedges and plants to your desired shape.

Best hedge shears are called best because they’ve durable construction with sturdy and sharp blades to easily cut through any kind of branches and vines around your garden with less effort. Their comfortable grip handle will put you in a better position to make careful and precise cuts at any angle to style hedges and shrubs in as many artistic shapes as possible, without causing any fatigue to your arms and shoulders.

Best Hedge Shears 2021 Reviews

Now that we’ve established that you just need a pair of sturdy hedge shears for your lawn and not some mythical creature, next comes a more challenging task of finding best pair of hedge shears. This could have been an overwhelming experience but not anymore, because we’ve brought a list of 10 of the best hedge shears that money could buy. There’s a buyer’s guide in the end as well to make sure you have all the knowledge required for picking out a model perfect for your needs.

Top Hedge Shears Comparison Table

Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears
Jardineer 2pc Professional Hedge Clippers & Shears
Jardineer 2pc
Hedge Clippers
& Shears
TABOR TOOLS B212A Hedge Shears
B212A Hedge
OARA Garden Hedge Shears
OARA Garden
Hedge Shears
GARTOL 23-inch Hedge Shears
Hedge Shears
Corona HS 3950 Hedge Shears
HS 3950
Gnome 25 inch Garden Hedge Shears
25 inch Garden
Hedge Shears
FLORA GUARD HA4801S-3 Hedge Shears
Hedge Shears
Gilmour 800086-1001 Hedge Shears
Hedge Shears
ARS HS-K900Z Hedge Shears
Hedge Shears

1.   Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears

Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears

Finding best hedge shears has become easy with these Okatsune precision hedge shears because they’ve what it takes to become best overall option. The fact that they are preferred by majority of Japanese professional gardeners make their solid build unquestioning.

They’re manufactured from same high-quality “Yasuki steel” that is used for constructing Japanese swords. This feature lends them such sharpness and cutting power that ensures no foliage can stand in their way. You can utilize these shears for trimming any kind of hedges, branches and shrubs and be sure that the result will be nothing less than precise and neat cuts every time, thanks to their razor-sharp blades.

Even more impressive is their Japanese White oak handle that not only looks good but also feels smooth in hand, letting you easily reach any corner for making desired cuts. The best part is that despite all this high-quality steel and wooden construction, the shears are extremely lightweight. So, you can feel relieved because no matter for how many hours you work with them, there’s rarely any chance of you having achy arms and shoulders.

Since no product can be 100% perfect, this one too has a few pitfalls. One, they’re quite expensive which is expected of high-quality professional-grade tools; another being that they’re not rust-resistant, so you’ll have to regularly oil them to ward off rust.


  • High-quality, lightweight construction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sharp blades neatly cut through any foliage.
  • Fatigueless operation.


  • Expensive.
  • Blades aren’t rust-free.

Final Thought:

If you’re a perfectionist looking for high-quality hedge shears that can cut through almost any kind of grass and foliage with professional-like precision without discomforting your arm and shoulders, then investing in this pair will be a treat despite their expensive price.


2.   Jardineer 2pc Professional Hedge Clippers & Shears

Jardineer 2pc Professional Hedge Clippers & Shears

Hedge shears that can provide refreshing garden-care session to both a green hand and skilled gardener alike are no more a matter of long and hard search of days with these professional-grade hedge clippers. This pair of hedge shears and bush trimmer is a perfect set to add to your gardening tools.

The hedge shears feature sharp wavy blades that swiftly shear through stubborn hedges and branches without any difficulty and without leaving behind chewed and jagged cuts. The wavy shape of blades proves helpful in preventing the twigs from sliding across the blade during cutting. Similarly, sharp blades of manual bush trimmers let you prune and trim thicker bushes to your desired shape.

Both tools come in durable steel handle with shock-absorption bumper and anti-slip grip to not only let you work comfortable but also prevent you from feeling any fatigue even after hours of use. The presence of hand adjustable tension knob lets you adjust tension of the blades to ensure effortless pruning and cutting. With so much comfort and convenience during use, efficiency is bound to follow.

Moreover, like their use, their storage is also easy and safe due to the incorporation of safety lock. However, despite the anti-stick coating of blades, they still require regular oiling to not lose their sharpness to rust.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Hedge shears and bush trimmer set.
  • Shock-absorbing ergonomic handle.
  • Safety lock for easy and safe storage.


  • Requires regular lubrication.
  • Hedge clippers are suitable for trimming branches up to 1/4″ thick.

Final Thought:

These 2pc hedge shears and bush trimmers will give you excellent value with their high-quality metal construction and ease-of-use. The tools can trim and prune with absolute precision while cause no trouble throughout the use – no matter if you’re a skilled gardener or a beginner.


3.   TABOR TOOLS B212A Hedge Shears

TABOR TOOLS B212A Hedge Shears

These pair of hedge shears have a lot of compelling features, the first one being insanely low priced. What makes them more compelling option is the fact that despite cheap pricing, the high-strength steel construction gives you desirable durability and sharpness to tackle any kind of stubborn hedges and foliage.

Most of the attraction of these shears lie in their telescopic handle that allow you to extend from 25” to 33” to let you easily access hard-to-reach areas for smooth trimming. The blades profile a unique wavy shape that not only prevents branches and twigs from slipping to make crisp and neat cuts but also help you prune hedges and shrubs into different ornamental shapes to make your garden look beautiful and unique.

Even more admirable is the shock-absorbing bumpers that prove elemental in deterring vibratory jolts during use to ensure your arms and shoulder don’t experience any fatigue and ache throughout the gardening session. Besides, rubberized overlapping of handles will provide you with comfortable grip and eliminate remaining chances of discomfort and fatiguing.

Moreover, with adjustable tension knob, you can customize the blade tension to get required pressure to easily prune different types of plants without warping them. Also, the blades have a plastic sheath to keep them protected and out of harm for next use.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Extendable handle with rubberized grip.
  • Shock-absorbing feature.
  • Blades’ tension adjustment.
  • Plastic sheath for blades.


  • Offer only 1-year warranty.
  • Despite tension adjustment, blades have difficulty cutting some branches.

Final Thought:

This pair of hedge shears is a compelling choice for on-budget gardeners, landscapers and landowners. Despite low pricing, the tool is highly durable and versatile to shape and groom any errant hedges and shrubs without difficulty.


4.   OARA Garden Hedge Shears

OARA Garden Hedge Shears

These hedge shears are designed for home garden, but they’re not a namby-pamby model. High-quality steel construction proves that they’re going to last for years in your gardening tools. The sharp blades can cut through any branch of hedges, shrubs, boxwood etc. while the small size of handle will give you better control at trimming at any angle to get perfectly-pruned ornamental and topiary plants. Teflon coating on the blades will prevent them from rust and corrosion to keep their sharpness intact for a long period.

As said above, the handles are shorter in length but they’re no less comfortable to hold which is courtesy of vinyl cushion grip and shock-absorbing bumpers. They prevent you from feeling the jarring impact of vibration so that your arms and shoulder don’t feel fatigued while working.

Moreover, they’re an easy alternative of powered shears and give you crisp, clean and neat cuts that are elemental for the healthy growth and grooming of hedges and shrubbery. Even more impressive is that you can acquire them without putting a dent in your wallet.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Cushioned grip handles with shock-absorbing bumpers.
  • Teflon coated blades are rust and corrosion-free.
  • Ideal for grooming of boxwood shrubs, hedges and topiary plants.


  • Rubber cushioning falls off after a few uses.
  • Shorter handles have a limited reach.

Final Thought:

If you’re looking for affordable garden hedge shears that are durable and yet lightweight and offer ergonomically comfortable grip, then this model is a worth-considering option.


5.   GARTOL 23-inch Hedge Shears

GARTOL 23-inch Hedge Shears

Your gardening tools’ arsenal will be incomplete without these pair of hedge shears by Gartol.  They’re essential for healthy grooming of your hedges and foliage. The large wavy blades of the shears with rust-resistant coating cut through branches neatly without causing unnecessary friction. This low-friction ability proves helpful in mistake-free trimming with your desired crisp and clean cuts.

Furthermore, it doesn’t lack in comfort as well. The steel handles are of tubular shape with anti-slip rubber overlapping to provide maximum comfort during the task. Also, shock-absorbing bumpers swallow noise and vibratory impacts and in return prevent you from having achy arms and shoulders even after hours of operation.

In addition, like any high-end shears this one also comes with a knob for tension adjustment. You can customize blades’ pressure to easily deal with a wide range of plants and foliage. Finally, their lifetime warranty is like cherry on top to let you make up your mind without further pondering.


  • High-quality steel construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ergonomic handle with shock-absorption feature for extra comfort.
  • Wavy blades with rust-resistant coating for mistake-free trimming.
  • Tension adjustment knob.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Some users might find them heavier for prolonged use.
  • Works best with hedges only.

Final Thought:

These hedge shears come in a strong and sturdy construction to let you easily trim bushes, hedges and cut down vines. They might seem tad bit heavier but the abundance of comfort that they provide will keep you from feeling fatigued even after prolonged use.


6.   Corona HS 3950 Hedge Shears

Corona HS 3950 Hedge Shears

Finding best value hedge shears for manicuring hedges and shrubbery around your lawn and garden is no more hours long search; it’s only a matter of seconds with these hedge shears. By spending a negligible amount of money, you’ll have a pair of shears to shape plants around your property anytime you want.

Their solid steel construction despite the low pricing has enabled them to make it to the list of best hedge shears. In addition, the sharp and straight blades are simple but they’re forged from high-quality carbon steel to add to the durable and strength of the tool.

However, there’s nothing simple about the handles. They’re not only lightweight but also ergonomically comfortable enough to let you trim as much hedges and plants as you want with less physical effort. Also, the handles can be extended from 13” to 20” to accommodate length according to your cutting requirements.

Even more comfort is provided through their ShockStop bumper that dampen the jarring vibrations, in return protecting you from experiencing discomfort and ache in arms and shoulders even after spending all day in refreshing your lawn.

The only downside that you might face is that the shears are quite heavy and despite all the comfort and control you might feel tired after using them for longer stretches of time.


  • Durable steel construction.
  • Extendable handles.
  • ShockStop bumpers for dampening vibration.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to use.


  • Heavier.
  • Simple straight blades.

If you’re in sear

Final Thought:

ch of a budget-friendly hedge shears that come in high-quality construction and deliver flawless performance with abundance of comfort during operation, then this model has the best value to offer.


7.   Gnome 25” Garden Hedge Shears

Gnome 25 inch Garden Hedge Shears

Gnome has infused them with every attractable feature including budget-friendly price, premium-grade build, user-friendliness and attractive appearance to make them steal the limelight. Its steel blades not only look sleek but cut through branches with same sleekness and precision.

You’ll appreciate the well-thought curved design of blades that keeps the branches from slipping during pruning – giving you error-free trimming with professional-like efficacy. Moreover, the blades are heat treated to give you unbeatable durability and longevity.

You’ll appreciate the structure and shape of handles more because they provide soft touch with rubberized grip. Besides, rubber bumpers swallow the vibratory impacts and prevent you from feeling any discomfort in your arms and shoulders even after shaping hedges, shrubs and plants for hours.

All in all, trimming around your house with these hedge shears equates to less physical effort and maximum fun with their user-friendliness.


  • Durable.
  • Heat-treated long curved blades.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Rubber impact bumpers for maximum comfort during use.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Tad bit heavier.
  • Doesn’t work well with thick limbs.

Final Thought:

These hedge shears are a treat for those gardeners and landscapers who want a low-costing tool. Despite significant drop in price, the shears are highly durable and equipped with sharp blades to give you perfectly-trimmed plants and hedges with less physical effort.


8.   FLORA GUARD HA4801S-3 Hedge Shears

FLORA GUARD HA4801S-3 Hedge Shears

As the name suggests, these hedge shears are specifically designed to guard your flora and outdoor greenery and work magically like a garden nymph to bring the beauty of your lawn. The hardened wavy blades will deliver error-free cuts all the way to the tips without losing their sharpness even after used for the nth time. These crisp and clean cuts enhance the healthy growth of your flora.

To give you outstanding performance and results, these come equipped with rubberized grip handles. Any skilled gardener or landscaper will tell you how helpful the ergonomic handle proves to be for immaculate finishing of big jobs.

Hedge shears that take your and your flora’s wellbeing very seriously are bound to not neglect the shock-absorbing feature, the absence of which can negatively impact user’s comfort during operation. These hedge shears employ special shock-absorbing bumpers to reduce vibration and noise for delivering smooth and flawless cuts without leaving your arms and shoulder achy and fatigued. However, the relatively heavy weight of shears might feel cumbersome for prolonged use.


  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Sharp wavy blades for crisp cuts.
  • Rubberized, soft grip handle.
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers for comfortable performance.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Tad bit heavier.
  • Don’t work properly on branches thicker than pencil width.

Final Thought:

For reasonable price, these hedge shears can easily outperform many competing models available in the market. They provide you with sharp blades and comfortable grip to shear hedges, plants and perennial grass with absolute precision.


9.   Gilmour 800086-1001 Hedge Shears

Gilmour 800086-1001 Hedge Shears

Gilmour has kept the design simple to demonstrate how simple can become sufficient sometimes. Simplicity of design doesn’t make them completely bland, rather it makes their use easy enough to make them compatible with both professional gardeners and DIYers.

The straight blades are manufactured of hardened and tempered steel with non-stick coating to add to the durability and lifespan of the tool. Serrated and notched design of the bottom blade further makes it easier to precisely cut small to medium-sized branches, not to mention eliminates the possibility of chewed and jagged cuts.

Another highlight of these hedge shears is their sturdy, soft grip handles and shock-absorbing bumpers. Together they attempt at making the trimming and cutting operation as smooth and comfortable as possible. Meaning, you’ll end up with a perfectly manicured garden or landscape in less time and that also without physically exerting yourself.

Coming towards the less attractive part, they are not rust-free. So you’ll have to regularly lubricate them to ward off rust and corrosion. However, don’t stress much because this minor flaw doesn’t bring down their utility least bit.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Non-stick tempered blades for smooth cutting.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Shock-absorption feature for maximum comfort.


  • They aren’t rust-free.
  • Lack adjustments.

Final Thought:

These hedge shears have a simple design to make them more user-friendly. Despite the straightforward, basic design, they perform exceptionally well and also don’t hold back in comfort during operation.


10.  ARS HS-K900Z Hedge Shears

ARS HS-K900Z Hedge Shears

We decided to wrap up the discussion with a bang. These hedge shears are of top-notch quality and the significant rise in price tag makes that abundantly clear. To justify the higher price, they come with high-quality hard-chrome plated blades. The blades not only add to the durability of the tool but also significantly increase the strength for superior cutting performance. Moreover, the slightly curved design of the blades ensures precise cutting with less labor.

They are termed as one of the best extendable hedge shears in the market and rightly so because they feature telescopic handle that can extend from 28” to 41.5”. With such length, reaching tall hedges and hard-to-reach shrubs no more remains a struggle. This feature also increases the overall versatility of the tool as it makes them compatible with a wide variety of pruning assignments.

All in all, they can without any doubt become an integral addition to your gardening tools collection to make sure you’ve a right weapon in hand whenever your lawn is in need of manicuring.


  • Long-lasting and lightweight.
  • Chrome plated sharp blades for added strength and durability.
  • Telescopic handle with longer extendibility.
  • Portable.


  • Higher price.
  • No shock-absorbing feature.

Final Thought:

These hedge shears come with a comparatively higher price but the rise in cost is justified through high-quality construction and versatility of the tool. Despite lacking comfort features, they deliver superior performance when grooming hedges and foliage around your garden.


 Buying Guide: Getting Best Hedge Shears 2021

Like any other product, hedge shears come in different kinds and designs. These variations are made to make them compatible with variety of job needs. They are mainly for pruning and trimming of hedges and shrubs yet you need to look out for some features to make sure they give you the desired results without inhibitions.

Some of those key features are:

·         Size & Weight:

Size and weight of the hedge shears have a huge impact on overall performance of the tool, especially when you have to use them regularly. It doesn’t require rocket science to safely deduce that heavy and bulky hedge shears will prove to be burdensome and leave you with sore arm and shoulders when you’ll hold them above your head for cutting for extendable time. Lightweight model not only enhances the performance but also reduce fatiguing of your body during operation. Small and compact design has also a secondary benefit of being storage-efficient.

·         Blades:

Cutting performance solely relies on the design and quality of the blades of hedge shears. Most hedge shears feature simple and straight blades. They might not provide versatility, but they prove to be hassle-free while sharpening the blades. On the other hand, serrated, curved design of the blades gives mistake-free crisp cuts even on relatively thicker branches and vines. The wavy design of the blades prevents the twigs from slipping during trimming, leaving you with jagged-free cuts.

Another thoughtful inclusion is the non-stick coating on the blades. This not only protects them from rusting, but also adds to the durability and lifespan of the tool.

There are many models on the list that come with an additional feature of customizing blade tension. This nifty feature allows you to adjust the pressure of the blades to handle any kind of plants.

·         Cutting Capacity:

Cutting capacity also impacts the performance of hedge shears. Considering this feature will make sure that the hedge shears you’ve isolated from the collection will be able to withstand the volume of cutting that you plan to throw at it. You can determine it through the thickness of branches and limbs and the overall amount of cutting that you’ll subject the shears to. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to pick a pair of hedge shears with cutting capacity greater than your initial needs.

·         Ease of Use:

Your money will be wasted if you purchase a model that comes with too many adjustability features and complicated use. Ease of use is crucial especially if you’ve to use the hedge shears on regular basis and for longer period of time. A model that lacks in comfort or user-friendliness will not only reduce productivity, but wills also cause you excessive fatigue and discomfort – both of which are deterrent for smooth performance.

An easy way to determine the level of comfort and ease a hedge shears provides is to look for features like cushioned grip handles and shock-absorbing bumpers. Together they will ensure that you get as comfortable and effortless operation as possible.

·         Durability:

Once again, you don’t want to spend money on a pair of hedge shears that will only last a few months. Invest in a model that can stand test of time and yet doesn’t’ cost a fortune. There are many models on the list that are made of high-quality metal without crossing the affordability threshold to give you cost-effective tools.


Hedge shears are a great tool to manicure your lawn and garden without using too much human effort and force. Investing in a best pair of hedge shears will allow you to cut and trim hedges, shrubs and other foliage around your house without warping them. Since we don’t want you to spend too much time in searching for a reliable pair of hedge shears so we created a list of some best hedge shears available in the market. Some might be heavy and pricier than the others, but they’re all best nonetheless. With the help of buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to figure out which pair suits your job needs best.