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10 Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
Written by Charles Addison

10 Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Spreading fertilizer manually i.e. through hands is too mainstream these days. Especially when a tool such as the best lawn fertilizer spreader is available to be utilized, I’d never take any chance to do this job manually.

A fertilizer spreader might become a blessing in disguise for you as it is loaded with an ample amount of features. For instance, you won’t get tired while fertilizing your garden no matter how large it is. Other than that, you’d have peace of mind that the fertilizer is being spread equally across all areas of the garden.

Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader 2021 Reviews

However, things might get quite tricky especially when it comes to purchasing a durable fertilizer spreader. That’s the main reason I am here to help you. With my 10 years of experience in managing gardens, I was able to carve off a list of the spreaders that offer great value to the homeowners.

Top Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Comparison Table

Inc. 421

All in all, let’s dive right into discussing some of the top-notch lawn fertilizers without any further ado:

1.   Scotts Elite Spreader



We’ll be starting off our review section with a lawn fertilizer spreader from Scotts. To be really honest here, the brand is quite famous among the gardeners as it produces some of the best gardening tools and machines within a reasonable rate. In a similar sense, the Elite Spreader is an impeccable spreading machine that will make your work easier than expected. Coming towards its first impression, the spreader is easy to use and carry around. The frame, on the other hand, is durable, sturdy, and lightweight to enhance the portability. As far as the features are concerned, you’d get multiple techs to ensure a better fertilizer spreading experience via Scotts Elite Spreader. In the end, this spreader is priced at no more than 100 bucks and that’s one of the major reasons it’s been loved by homeowners.

Some notable features regarding the best lawn fertilizer spreader from Scotts are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

First things first, one of the best lawn spreaders available in the market has been equipped with dual rotor technology. This tech ensures immense accuracy and helps to spread the fertilizer evenly across the area.

Other than that, saving your time is held in high regard by this machine and that’s why it comes with a 6ft. spreading pattern. Therefore, you can cover a large area with this spread pattern to ensure a quick and fast fertilizing experience.

One thing that I keep praising about Scotts Elite Spreader is the spacious design it has got. That being said, this gardening machine can easily hold around 20,000 sq. ft. of fertilizer, ice melt, or seeds without any hassle. So, once fully loaded, the spreader can easily be utilized for multiple operations and for a long time.

Moving a fertilizer spreader is a headache especially when it’s loaded. So, to avoid this problem, Scotts Elite Spreader is equipped with Never-flat tires. These tires will move this machine to different areas without any jamming or stoppage issue.

Last but not the least, assembling the spreader is extremely easy. I was able to assemble all of its parts within 10 minutes. Other than that, to facilitate portability, an ergonomic handle is also included. Besides, the spreader also offers a smartphone holder for better working experience.


  • Durable and lightweight frame.
  • No-Flat tires for easy maneuverability.
  • Perfect for a large garden or lawn.
  • Spreads fertilizer, seeds, and ice melt evenly.
  • Spacious design.
  • Ergonomic handle to enhance portability.


  • Holes are difficult to open when loaded fully.
  • Customer support is unresponsive.

Final Views:

Even with some minor tweaks, Scotts Elite Spreader is one of the finest options available in the market. I’d be recommending you to consider getting this machine to enjoy spreading the fertilizer evenly for better growth of your garden.


2.   Agri-Fab Spreader


Want to master the art of spreading fertilizers or seeds evenly across your lawn without leaving any space? You might want to take a look at Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader as it’s a perfect tool for that purpose. This spreader has got special qualities that help you to grow your lawn or garden at same pace and strength. One of the reasons I like it way too much is that it’s compact. Even with this compactness, the spreader can hold a good amount of fertilizer without any hassle. Besides, there are no compromises on the durability of the tool. That is, all materials used in its construction are premium and sturdy. So, the tool will help you in different seasons without causing any malfunctioning problem. As for the price tag, the spreader from Agri-Fab will cost you around 150 bucks. It’s a little bit higher than the previous tool we discussed. However, you’d have to pay the price to enjoy premium qualities and features and that’s a fact you can’t disagree to.

Some important features regarding the top-notch lawn fertilizer spreader are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Starting with the hopper first that has been made with top-notch materials. It has been made rustproof so as to make sure that there isn’t any mixing in the fertilizer you are about to spread around the lawn.

That being said, the best fertilizer spreader comes with a spacious design. It can hold seeds, fertilizers, or ice melt in great quantity as it comes with a 25,000 sq. ft. of space. So, you can easily cover a large area with this tool without facing any problems.

Talking of the maneuverability, you can move this spreader without any fatigue issues. Thanks to its large 13″ pneumatic tires, the spreader can easily be hovered around to spread the fertilizer perfectly.

An ergonomic handle has been added to the spreader. The handle helps a lot in changing the direction of the tool without much hassle. That’s why I love moving Agri-Fab spreader on my lawn as it’s a completely hassle-free task.

In the end, what matters the most regarding the best broadcast spreader is that it’s easy to assemble. You’d be given a complete assembling video along with the package that will make this process quite easier for you.


  • Pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability.
  • Ergonomic handle offers portability.
  • Compact, and durable frame.
  • Hopper is rustproof.
  • 25,000 sq. ft. capacity.
  • Easy assembling process.


A bit pricey (Justified).

No other major issues.

Final Views:

The broadcast fertilizer spreader from Agri-Fab is meant for homeowners who’ve got large lawns and gardens to take care of. Get this amazing too and you’d never have to worry about spreading the fertilizer unevenly.


3.   Chapin International 8620B


Ever happened that you want to stop the spreading of fertilizer or seeds in your garden, but it doesn’t stop and keep on spilling? Well, if you face a similar problem, then I’ve got a solution for you in the form of Chapin International fertilizer spreader. The thing which is quite fascinating regarding this tool is that once you stop it, it will stop spilling fertilizer immediately. Yeah, I’m not kidding at all. The spreader is capable of spreading different seeds and fertilizers without causing any problems. Besides, the overall construction is extremely sturdy and durable. That’s one of the reasons it’s being priced at around 200 bucks. You have to pay the price to enjoy spreading fertilizer with Chapin International tool. This is what it is.

Some notable qualities equipped within the best fertilizer spreader of 2020 are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

First of all, Chapin International 8620B comes with a capacity of around 150 pounds. It’s more than enough to cover a large garden without any refilling issue. Once loaded, you won’t have to worry about leaving out any spaces behind.

Now, one of the main reasons we like is that the spreader comes with a dual impeller design. With this design, there won’t be any extra spilling of the fertilizer. That is, the tool will immediately stop, once you’ve stopped moving it around the lawn.

Minimizing friction while the machine is in the motion is quite a tough job for many spreader manufacturers. However, Chapin International has taken great care of this problem as well. That said, the tool has special oil-impregnated ball bearings made of bronze. Hence, there will be minimal friction while the tool is on the move.

Maneuvering the best lawn fertilizer spreader is quite easy. That’s because it comes with an ergonomic handle. Besides, two 14″ pneumatic tires are also present to support the tool in a perfect manner. As a result, it can easily be moved across the lawn without any fatigue.

Lastly, the tool doesn’t take long to get assembled. The brand helps a lot in this regard and has included a complete user manual with Visual aids that will help you to set this spreader within a short time.


  • 150-pound capacity.
  • Bronze ball bearings for less friction.
  • Spreads seeds and fertilizers evenly.
  • Perfect for large gardens.
  • Automatic dual impeller design prevents extra spilling.
  • Compact and durable frame.


  • The tool is expensive.
  • Gearbox is not too durable.

Final Views:

Chaplin International 8620B is the personal favorite choice of professional gardeners who are concerned about the growth of their gardens. I’d suggest you to get this spreader if budget is not a problem for you.


4.   Solo, Inc. 421


I mean it’s not that difficult to spread fertilizer by just rotating the handle of a spreader, isn’t it? Especially when you are getting a spreader in as low as 60 bucks, you should take the chance as you’d probably be low on budget. Didn’t get me? I’m talking about Solo, Inc. 421 spreader. Yeah, you heard it right. This exceptional fertilizer spreader is one of the most affordable options available in the market. Having said that, it’s quite easier to control while you are spreading fertilizer around the lawn. As far as the overall design is concerned, it’s extremely compact. So, you can easily carry this spreader around from one place to another without any worries. Cutting long story short, this spreader is worth the try if you are okay with spreading the fertilizer or seeds with little effort.

The features offered by Solo, Inc. 421 are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

First of all, let me talk about the portability of this tool. Solo, Inc. 421 has got an extremely compact shape. It’s so much compact that you can easily adjust the tool on your chest with the help of a chest strap. It can, thus easily be maneuvered from one place to another.

Apart from that, even with such a compact shape, this tool offers a good capacity especially when it comes to seeds, fertilizers, and ice melt. A large hopper is included within the spreader for that purpose.

The spread pattern this tool offers is as long as 30 ft. wide. So, the spreader will cover a large area within a short time. You can, thus utilize this tool even for large gardens or lawns.

In the end, what really matters regarding the best portable fertilizer spreader is that it comes with a large opening. So, filling it with seeds or fertilizer is as easy as eating a piece of cake for this spreader.


  • Easy to use.
  • Compact shape and frame.
  • Comes with chest strap.
  • It covers around 30 ft. area.
  • Perfect for small gardeners.
  • Extremely affordable.


  • A bit uncomfortable when loaded completely.
  • Might cause fatigue.

Final Views:

The fertilizer spreader from Solo, Inc. is indeed a perfect alternative to expensive spreading tools. However, it might require some effort to spread the seeds and fertilizer evenly. So, check it out only if you’ve got only a few bucks in your pocket.


5.   Yard Commander Spreader


Sometimes, it becomes necessary for professional gardeners to rely on the tools that can provide more coverage within a limited time. In this context, what they require is a machine such as Yard Commander Spreader. Mind you that this spreader is not an ordinary one. That said, it comes with a great coverage capacity. Besides, the reason it’s been liked by professionals too much is that it doesn’t get damaged even when used roughly. Apart from that, the spreader can easily be attached to different gardening vehicles to save time and cover large areas within no time.

Some of the most important features offered by Yard Commander Spreader are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

The spreader, first of all, comes with a hopper capacity of around 125 lbs which is more than enough to store a large amount of seeds or fertilizer without any hassle.

On the other hand, this spreader is equipped with a special attachment which allows it to be connected to different gardening vehicles such as gardening tractors, an ATV, or a UTV. So, you can spread the fertilizers in a large garden within a short time.

A durable and rustproof hoper along with a cover helps to increase the life of the spreader. Besides, you’ll also have peace of mind especially when you are spilling seeds with this tool.

Lastly, pneumatic tires included within the fertilizer helps to maintain the balance of the spreader while it’s being moved. The tires offer a strong grip and hence the tool can easily be utilized on multiple terrains without any hassle.


  • Durable construction.
  • Can be connected to vehicle.
  • Durable and rustproof hopper.
  • 125 lbs of inner capacity.
  • Pneumatic tires offer strong grip.


  • Customer support is unresponsive.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Yard Commander Spreader is indeed the best tow spreading tool available in the market. Better consider it if you want to cover a large garden with fertilizer or seeds within a limited time.


6.   CRAFTSMAN Spreader


Getting a durable, sturdy, and long-lasting tow spreader is the dream of every professional gardener who wants to maintain the growth of a large area with convenience. In that scenario, what compels the professionals is to invest in Craftsman Tow Spreader. There is no doubt regarding the manufacturing of Craftsman as it’s always up to the mark. Talking about the fertilizer spreader introduced by this brand, it completely justifies the price tag it has got. That said, you can utilize this tool to enjoy endless gardening tasks within a short time.

The important features regarding one of the best lawn fertilizer spreaders are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

Spread width of around 10 ft. is more than enough to cover a large area within a short time. That said, this spreader won’t leave any corner untouched in any possible way.

On the other hand, the hopper equipped within the spreader is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. It can accommodate around 110 lbs of stuff without any hassle.

Last but not the least, the hitch included with the best lawn fertilizer spreader is universal and it can get connected to different gardening vehicles with ease and convenience.


  • Durable and sturdy frame construction.
  • Rustproof hopper.
  • Hopper capacity is 110 lbs.
  • Universal hitch.
  • Pneumatic tires.


  • Tires size is small.
  • No other major cons.

Final Views:

I have no words left to praise the spreader introduced by Craftsman. It’s a pitch-perfect tool for spreading fertilizer, seeds, or ice melts within a short time. So, get it before it runs out of stock.


7.   Earthway 2050P


Walk-Behind spreaders are now becoming a trend as they don’t require any vehicle to be maneuvered. Besides, such spreaders are a perfect choice for homeowners who have to manage small lawns or gardens in their homes. In a similar context, I came across this fine tool introduced by Earthway. By the looks of it, this spreader gives a smooth first expression. The shape of the machine, on the other hand, is durable yet lightweight. That’s one of the reasons I tried it and to be honest, the spreader hasn’t disappointed me up till now.

Some noticeable features regarding the best fertilizer spreader are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

The spreader introduced by Earthway is versatile. That said, it can be used to spread seeds, salts, ice melt, or fertilizers without any worries.

Apart from that, what I liked the most in this awesome spreader is that it comes with an ergonomic handle. So, controlling it was extremely easier for me as I was able to cover the whole area of my lawn within no time.

Last but not the least, a 3-hole drop system available within the spreader helps you to spread the fertilizer or seeds in an even proportion.


  • Perfect for small gardens and lawns.
  • 3 hole drop system.
  • Durable and strong pneumatic tires.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Spacious hopper.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Customer response is terrible.
  • A bit complex to assemble.

Final Views

Earthway has made it easier for the homeowners to take care of their lawns by introducing a perfect walk-behind spreader. Get this tool if you want to make the spreading job easy, convenient, and effective at the same time.


8.   Brinly BS36BH


Brinly BS36BH indeed is one of the most expensive fertilizer spreaders available in 2020. That said, the brand has never compromised on this spreader be it the durability, working efficiency, or ease of use. Apart from all other features, what I liked the most in this tool is that it's made from top-notch materials. That is, the spreader is resistant to corrosive fertilizers to provide the gardeners good value to the money they spend on it.

Some notable features regarding Brinly lawn fertilizer spreader are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

The high-capacity hopper included within the spreader is made up of non-corrosive materials. It's also resistant to rust and dents. So, you can utilize the machine no matter how rough the conditions are.

Other than that, doing the job accurately, precisely, and efficiently is just like eating a piece of cake for Brinly fertilizer spreader. It comes with a pre-calibration technology that allows you to set different limitations to get the job done precisely.

Lastly, the presence of a universal hitch makes it easier for the spreader to get connected to different vehicle types without any hassle.


  • Hopper is extremely durable.
  • Non-corrosive body.
  • Versatile function.
  • Universal hitch.
  • Does the job perfectly.


  • Extremely Expensive.
  • Not for beginners.

Final Views:

Brinly BS36BH is a spreader that I'd get with my eyes closed had it not for the budget issues. Get this beast and you'd be able to resolve all your spreading problems once and for all.


9.   The Andersons LCO-1000


It would be fair to say that LCO-1000 is more of an overpriced spreader especially when you compare it to the tool that we discussed above. I mean 500 dollars is way too much for a walk-behind spreader that doesn’t have too many features at its disposal. Anyways, there is one thing that intrigues me regarding this spreader and its extra spacious hopper. Apart from that, the design is also compelling.

Some notable features regarding The Andersons LCO-1000 are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

An 80-pound durable hopper equipped within the spreader allows you to store a large amount of fertilizer or seeds into it without any hassle.

Other than that, the spreader comes with pneumatic tires that maintain the stability of the tool. Besides, these tires also enable the spreader to move with convenience.

In the end, an ergonomic handle has been included with the spreader to ensure a better maneuverability experience.


  • Rotary spilling technology.
  • Large 21" pneumatic tires.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Spacious and durable hopper.


  • Overly priced.
  • Better spreaders are available.

Final Views:

Well, The Andersons LCO-1000 is a spreader that I'd never waste my money on. However, it’s durable and efficient and there's no denying it. So, better get it only if spending around 500 bucks is not a problem for you.


10. Yard Commander 125LB


We'll be wrapping up our review section with one another spreader from Yard Commander that has caught the eye of many gardeners. The spreader, in short, is compact, durable, and efficient at the same time. Besides, it's available within an affordable budget and that's another reason to try this tool if you want to cover a large area of your garden with ease.

Some notable features you need to know regarding the best portable lawn fertilizer spreader are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Yard Commander Walk Behind Spreader comes with an ergonomic handle. So, changing its direction gets convenient especially when you get used to using this spreader.

On the other hand, a 125lbs hopper present can store a good amount of fertilizer and seeds as well. The hopper is durable and resistant to corrosive fertilizers as well.

In the end, a spread width of around 12 ft. is more than enough to cover a large area of garden within no time. Yard Commander fertilizer spreader offers this option within a reasonable rate.


  • Durable and sturdy frame.
  • Spacious hopper.
  • Pneumatic tires for better grip.
  • Ergonomic handle.


  • Customer support is poor.
  • A bit weighty.

Final Views:

Yard Commander Walk Behind Spreader should be a priority for you if you want to enjoy better qualities and features within a limited budget range.


Top 3 Recommendations:

Being a professional gardener for 10 years, I've also got some personal favorite choices. The top 3 recommendations in this regard are as follows:

  1. Scotts Elite Spreader if you need a perfect spreader within a limited budget range.
  2. Brinly BS36BH if you want a long-term replacement.
  3. Solo, Inc. 421 as it's the most affordable spreader available in 2020.

Buyer's Guide: How to Select the Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader 2021?

Choosing a lawn fertilizer spreader becomes a daunting task especially when you know little about the tool itself.

So, to make things easier for you, I've jotted down a list of some features that you should never ignore while purchasing a fertilizer spreader.

Let's have a look without any further ado:

1.     Which Type of Spreader Should I Pick?

Normally, there are two main types of spreaders available in the market, i.e. Tow spreaders and Walk-Behind spreaders.

That being said, the first and foremost thing you need to consider while choosing such a tool is to sort out your needs first and then pick a type accordingly.

A tow spreader is a feasible option especially when you have a gardening vehicle and you have a large area to cover with limited time.

Besides, a Walk-Behind spreader is a suitable option for homeowners who have to take care of small lawns or gardens.

So, sort out your needs first if you want to make a wise decision especially when it comes to a lawn fertilizer spreader.

2.     Focus on the Hopper:

A hopper is a place where you should concentrate a lot. It's the place where you have to store the fertilizers, seeds, or ice melts as per your preferences.

Make sure that the spreader you are about to purchase comes with a spacious, durable, and rustproof hopper. Spreaders with such hoppers are believed to spend more time without causing any problem.

So, that's yet another important feature on which you should never compromise.

3.     Spread Coverage:

The spread pattern of a spreader must cover a large area especially if you want to wrap up the spreading operation within a short time.

That said, you should choose a fertilizer spreader that offers a spread pattern of around 10 ft. However, if you find a spreader with better coverage, then you should opt for it without any worries.

In this way, you’d be able to cover a large amount of area without spending a lot of time.

4.     Versatility:

A spreader must be versatile enough. That is, you should be able to utilize it for different applications rather than just spreading fertilizers with it.

A versatile spreader offers to spill seeds, salts, and ice melts at the same time. However, keep in mind that such machine will be a little bit expensive as compared to the typical spreaders.

5.     Budget Matters:

When it comes to the budget, a walk-behind spreader is affordable as compared to tow spreaders.

That being said, a budget of around 200 bucks is more than enough to choose the best lawn fertilizer spreader.

Affordable options are also available and for that purpose, you should check out the list that I mentioned above.

Some Last Words:

Well, that would be all from me regarding the best lawn fertilizer spreaders of 2020. Make sure that you go through all important features that I mentioned above before making the last decision. I hope that you can find a perfect spreader as per your needs and preferences.

Don't forget to share your feedback about the main topic and if you have any type of question, you can ask it in the comments section. I'd get back to your feedback as soon as possible!



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