5 Best Push Lawn Sweeper 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Push Lawn Sweeper

We would have loved regular trimming and pruning of lawns only if we had also acquired some wizardly abilities to make fallen leaves and debris magically disappear of our lawn surface. Raking and bagging of leaves and debris is that bleak side of the picture that dampens the whole pleasure and fun that you would’ve otherwise got from a well-maintained garden. However, there’s no need to indulge in such grueling tasks anymore when you can have an easy and affordable alternative in the form of a push lawn sweeper.

Investing in a best push lawn sweeper will enable you to clear your garden off all the leaves, grass clippings and other unwanted debris without breaking your back or spending all day. Its wide sweeping path with strong brushes clean large area in less time and accumulate all the waste in a collecting bag for easy disposal. It features a smooth grip handle and sizeable wheels that make pushing and pulling of the machine across your lawn as easy and effortless as a stroll in a park.

Best Push Lawn Sweeper 2021 Reviews

Ahead is a list of 5 best push lawn sweepers with their nitty-gritty details to help you evaluate them and reach an informed decision. We went one step further and included a buyer’s guide as well to make sure you don’t have to jump from one website to another to get answers required for making an informed decision.

Top Push Lawn Sweeper Comparison Table

Earthwise LSW70021 Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper
LSW70021 Leaf
& Grass Push
Lawn Sweeper
Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper
Push Lawn
Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper
Push Lawn
Brinly STS-427LXH Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper
Tow Behind
Lawn Sweeper
Yardwise 23630-YW Push Lawn Sweeper
Push Lawn

1.    Earthwise LSW70021 Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

Earthwise LSW70021 Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

Garden clean-up is a grueling job and for that you need something as light as this push lawn sweeper by Earthwise. It will make light work of otherwise time-consuming garden sweeping task with its ability to collect leaves, grass clippings and other such debris quickly and efficiently.

Its 21-inch wide sweeping brush running with rake-like action has the tendency to magically pick 80% of unwanted debris and thatch off your lawn surface in a single sweep and accumulate in a collecting bag for easy disposal.

This lawn sweeper is going to be gentler not only on your lawn, but on your physical and financial capacitance as well. You picked the hint right. The tool is lightweight, low-costing and yet durable – you can verify this fact through its sturdy built and steel handle with scratch-resistant coating that adds to the overall longevity of this machine. This lightness enhances its ease-of-use and maneuverability tenfold.

You can gain further convenience through its height adjustment feature. By adjusting height, the brushes raise higher to let you easily push the tool across your property for efficient sweeping. To top it all, it’s easy to assemble and also foldable for easy storage. So, you have nothing left to fret about.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble, store and maneuver.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Removable collection bag.
  • Low-costing.


  • Suitable for small clean-up tasks only.
  • Tad bit rickety.

Bottom Line:

This push lawn sweeper has everything to make your lawn-care process easy and less time-consuming. It’s an excellent option for on-budget buyers and offers a high-efficiency, durable tool that can clear your lawn off all the thatch and debris.


2.    Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

This push lawn sweeper is hiding all those qualities up its sleeves that you find separately in different lawn sweepers, but never together in a single body. Durable, affordable, lightweight, efficient and easy to put together and use; all these are at your disposal once you invest in this beast of a lawn sweeper.

The price is more than the double of our top pick Earthwise model, but it still remains within affordability threshold. Where it leaves many far behind in competition is its super light weight – one of the lightest models you’ll come across. You can easily hang it on a wall when not in use, it’s that light. Most of this lightness is the attribute of its durable poly construction.

Its 26-inch wide rotating brush can easily pick leaves, acorns and lawn clippings and collect them in a 7-cubic feet hopper bag. Bag capacity is smaller and will need frequent emptying especially when you’ve large heaps of fallen leaves. However, the silver lining is that the bag can be easily disconnected for easy disposal of waste.

This push lawn sweeper with its effective, quick and efficient performance is suitable for a yard/lawn up to 2000 square-feet – small to medium-sized lawn. You can enjoy its effective cleaning to the maximum extent by adjusting height of brushes according to your property. This features also ensures trouble-free pushing of the unit; you’ll appreciate it more because its good exercise to burn fats without exerting your muscles.

Moreover, its maneuverability is further improved with the inclusion of large plastic wheels and a sturdy grip handle. Coming towards the final point, its assemblage might not be the best part of the whole process as it will take you some time to successfully put it together.


  • Lightweight and affordable.
  • Easy to store and maneuver.
  • 26-inch wide rotating brush with adjustable height.
  • Ideal for small to medium-size lawn.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • Hopper bag is small and weak.
  • Doesn’t work properly on uneven or sloped ground.

Bottom Line:

This push sweeper is best for small to moderate size lawn/yard with its wide rotating brush and effective performance. Without crossing the affordability range, you’ll get a highly durable, lightweight, efficient and effective push lawn sweeper.


3.    Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper

Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper

Scotts knows how exhausting and backbreaking it is to rake your yard/garden of the frequently cluttered leaves and debris. It gives you an affordable and reliable option in the form of this push lawn sweeper to make sure you never have a cluttered outdoor space again.

With its 26-inch wide brush, it can smoothly sweep leaves and grass clippings off a large area in a single pass. You can take as many passes as it takes to remove every speck of unwanted waste and yet not feel an ounce of exhaustion as it employs a steel handle with padding – making its pushing as effortless as a stroll in the garden.

Also, you can lower or higher the brushes to your desired sweeping height in order to get effective and efficient cleaning on each pass. Its hopper can collect 3.6 bushels of waste and can be easily detached from the unit to let you face no trouble while dumping the accumulated waste.

Despite the low cost, the tool has been built from high strength plastic material to give you durability without making the unit heavy. Thanks to this lightness, it can be easily maneuvered anywhere; its storage is also hassle-free which is courtesy of its foldable design. Hang it on a wall for more space-efficient storage.


  • Durable, lightweight and affordable.
  • Easily detachable hopper with 3.6 bushels’ collection capacity.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy to use and store.


  • Only suitable for light sweeping job around garden.
  • Doesn’t work effectively on uneven ground.

Bottom Line:

This push lawn sweeper is a best alternative for raking not only for its affordability but also for ease-of use and effective performance. It can be used all year round for clearing your garden off fallen leaves and debris.


4.    Brinly STS-427LXH Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

Brinly STS-427LXH Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

We know how daunting cleaning of a large garden/yard can be. It will not be an intimidating task anymore because this high capacity tow-behind lawn sweeper will wipe your property clean of all the fallen leaves, grass clippings, pine needles etc. Hitch it to your riding mower and take a round of your property, and its 42-inch wide sweep will rid your yard off all the accumulated waste in less passes.

More impressive is its 20 cubic feet large hamper that can collect massive amount of waste without frequent need of emptying the bag. Another best thing about this leaf bag is that it has a pull cord that will enable you to quickly dump the waste with just a simple tug of the cord.

Its high speed 6 brushes give you your desired level of cleaning in less time despite continuously turning the tractor or mower. To maximize the cleaning performance, you can lower or raise the brushes and lock them to your desired height level with a twist lock to prevent accidental slippage of the height even when rolling over uneven terrain.

Moreover, the tool is collapsible so you’ll have no trouble storing it after use.


  • High capacity tow-behind lawn sweeper.
  • 6 brushes with height adjustment setting.
  • 42-inch wide sweep.
  • 20 cubic feet capacity leaf bag with a pull cord for quick emptying.
  • Collapsible design for efficient storage.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Assembling takes some time.
  • Requires regular maintenance.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a high capacity lawn sweeper that can quickly clean your sizeable yard of fallen leaves and thatch and yet doesn’t cost you a fortune, then investing in this tow-behind model will be worth a punt.


5.    Yardwise 23630-YW Push Lawn Sweeper

Yardwise 23630-YW Push Lawn Sweeper

Yardwise 23630-YW push lawn sweeper has only one aim: to give you an immaculate lawn on every use. It does that through its 21-inch wide sweeping path, which is small as compared to other models on the list, and speed adjustment feature for brushes. Together they ensure that the yard is cleaned off all the leaves, twigs and grass clippings.

The unit comes in a very budget-friendly price, but that doesn’t bring down its durability which makes it even more compelling purchase. Its lightweight construction makes its pushing and maneuverability a breeze, not to mention trouble-free storage once folded after use.

Furthermore, with its 26-gallon capacity hopper bag you can gather a sizeable amount of leaves and debris for quick and easy dumping or composting without the frequent need of emptying the bag – saves you a lot of time and effort.

You know how else can you save yourself from extra effort? Simply by adjusting its sweeping height with simple height adjustment dial. It will save your back from unnecessary bending.  Just push the lawn sweeper with its smooth grip handle and keep moving across your yard till you get your desired level of cleanliness.


  • Solid and lightweight construction.
  • 21-inch wide sweeping path with height adjustment dial.
  • 26-gallon hopper bag.
  • Easy to push and maneuver.
  • Foldable design for efficient storage.
  • Budget-friendly price.


  • Doesn’t perform well on a windy day.
  • The length of the handle might not be ideal for some users.

Bottom Line:

If you want an affordable push lawn sweeper that gives you excellent sweeping performance by picking up even the tiniest leaves and grass clippings from your garden, then this model is a worthy contender. Its lightweight structure will give you effortless pushing and storing.


Buyer’s Guide: Choosing Best Push Lawn Sweeper 2021

Using a push lawn sweeper for removing leaves, twigs and other debris of your lawn surface is an easy and affordable alternative of raking. It can become best gardening tool only when you have taken into consideration all the necessary features that have an impact on its performance. This buying guide will elaborate them for you in easily comprehensible manner.

  • Type:

This gardening tool can be distinguished in two main categories: Push sweepers and Tow-behind sweepers. Both profile same type of brushing system to pick leaves and debris of a lawn. The difference is on the basis of how they move across a property.

  • Push Sweeper:

As the name suggests, this type requires you to push it with handle, similar to a push lawn mower. You can steer it in any direction in your yard. This type of construction is preferable for small cleaning jobs in small to moderate-sized lawns/yards, up to 2000 square feet to be more precise. You can move at a walking pace to pick maximum amount of waste.

  • Tow-Behind Sweepers:

This one comes with a hitch that allows the unit to be easily attached to a riding lawn mower or lawn tractor. You’ll be able to drag it across your property from the seat of your vehicle. This means its less burdensome on your arms and legs. This feature also makes it more befitting for easier and faster sweeping of larger gardens and yards.

  •  Sweeping Width:

This feature is directly related to the size of your lawn. Wide sweeping path means larger area will be covered in one pass. For instance, a 21-26 inches wide sweeping path will require less passes to quickly clean a smaller lawn/yard. On the other hand, a lawn sweeper with 38-inches or wider sweeping path, like Brinly STS-427LXH tow-behind lawn sweeper, will be best for larger lawns/yards.

  • Collecting Bag:

Collecting bag or hopper collects all the leaves and debris for easy dumping or composting. The higher capacity of hopper will collect huge amount of waste; and it will also reduce the need of frequently emptying the bag. You should pick a machine with large capacity hopper to make sure you clean large area without spending more time on emptying the hopper again and again.

  • Material/Construction:

Construction material and design is also an important aspect since it has a direct impact on convenience, both in use and pricing. Lawn sweepers constructed from metal will last longer due to their sturdy built. But they also weigh more which make their maneuvering fatiguing, not to mention they are also costly. Plastic made push lawn sweepers are lightweight, budget-friendly and easy to move. Opting from aluminum construction means you’ll get the longevity of a metal construction and lightness of a plastic-made lawn sweeper.

When it comes to construction and design, you also need to look out for a model that is not only light enough but can also be folded down to make it storage-efficient.

  • Height Adjustment:

This feature has a direct impact on effective picking of debris, leaves, pine needles, weeds etc. of your lawn/yard. Always pick a model that has height adjustment dial for either lowering or raising the sweeping brushes to properly clean your property.

  • Wheels & Handle:

Wheels and handle together help in effortless pushing of lawn sweeper across your lawn. A decently-long handle with foam or rubber padding will provide comfortable grip. The size of the wheels ensure how smoothly the machine will move over any surface. Larger and rubberized wheels move more smoothly over any ground including wet one as compared to smaller plastic wheels.


Now that we’ve given you a detailed overview of 5 of the best push lawn sweepers with their pluses and minuses, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of what you should look for when shopping for a lawn sweeper machine for your lawn. Your remaining queries will be easily solved once you’ve gone through the buyer’s guide. After reading this article, it can be safely assumed that you’ll not require a trial or testing method to find a best push lawn sweeper.