Can I Use Scissors Instead Of Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are often used by gardeners to remove unwanted branches and foliage from trees, shrubs, and other plants. But there’s a less-violent way to do the same thing – with scissors! Not only are scissors more precise when it comes to cutting, they’re also less damaging to the plant than pruning shears. So if you’ve been thinking about swapping out your pruning shears for some scissors, now’s the time!

What are pruning shears?

Pruning shears are a type of gardening tool that are typically used to cut branches off of trees and other plants. They are different from scissors in that they have a shorter, more pointed blade. This makes them better for cutting smaller branches than scissors, which is why they are often used to prune shrubs and small trees.

What are scissors?

Scissors are a type of cutting tool. They have a blade on one side of the handle and a flexible, sharpened edge on the other. The blade is folded up so that it is hidden when the scissors are not in use. To use them, you open the scissors so that the blade is extended, then pinch the fabric near the scissors’ head and cut.

How to use scissors instead of pruning shears

If you’re looking for a way to save time and energy when you’re pruning trees, you may want to consider switching to scissors.


Scissors are much easier to use than pruning shears, and they’re also less likely to cause damage if you don’t use them properly. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Make sure that the blades are sharpened so that they’re cutting easily. Dull blades will result in less-than-perfect cuts.


  1. Hold the scissors together so that the blade is facing down and place them against the branch you’re going to cut. Make sure that the handle is pointing towards the branch and hold on tight!


  1. Apply pressure to the handles and start cutting through the branch. Be careful not to let go of the handles until the branch has been completely cut off.

Pruning shears vs. scissors: pros and cons

When it comes to pruning shears vs. scissors, there are pros and cons to each tool.


Pros of Pruning Shears:

– Pruning shears are tougher than scissors, so they can handle heavier cuts.

– Shears can be used to cut through thicker branches more easily than scissors.

– Some gardeners find shears easier to grip due to their design.


Cons of Pruning Shears:

– Shears can be more difficult to control than scissors, which may lead to mistakes when cutting branches.

– Shears can be less comfortable to use than scissors, especially if you have larger hands.

– Pruning shears can be more expensive than scissors.


Pruning shears are a great tool for removing branches from trees or shrubs, but sometimes it can be difficult to get close to the branch with them. If you’re ever in this situation, you can try using scissors instead. Simply hold the scissors parallel to the branch and cut along the length of the branch.


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