The Definitive Guide to Hanging Hedge Shears

Hedge shears are a gardener’s best friend. They enable us to give our hedges and shrubs the exact shape and size we desire. With hedge shears by your side, you can create the perfect hedge for your garden. 

To ensure that you get the most out of your shears, it is important to make sure they are hung correctly and in the right spot so you can access them easily. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to hang hedge shears so that you can tend to your garden with ease.

Why You Should Hang Your Hedge Shears

The thing in hanging your hedge shears is understanding why it’s important to hang them at all. First off, it’s much easier and more efficient to hang them than it is to store them away after each use. Once they’re hung, you don’t have to worry about where they are or what happened to them—they’ll always be right there within reach when you need them next! 

Hanging also helps keep your hedge shears in better condition by protecting them from dirt and debris. This will help ensure that they last as long as possible and make sure that you get the most out of your money! Plus, if hung properly, they won’t be exposed to any elements like rain or snow which could cause rust or corrosion over time. 

In short, hanging your hedge shears makes it easy for you—and helps protect the tools too!   

What You Need To Hang Your Hedge Shears 

Before you start hanging your hedge shears, make sure that you have everything you need on hand first. Here is a list of items that may come in handy: 

  • A hammer (preferably one with a rubber head)
  • Screwdriver (preferably one with interchangeable heads)
  • Wall anchor(s) (depending on what type of wall material you have)
  • Drill (if needed for wall anchors)
  • Pencil/Marker
  • Leveler
  • Measurement tape
  • Hooks/brackets (for mounting onto walls)  

How To Hang Your Hedge Shear

Now that we know what we need, let’s move on to the actual process of hanging our hedge shear! 

Step 1:

First off, decide where exactly in your garden area or shed that would be best for hanging your hedge shear. Make sure there is enough space around the area for easy access and also take into consideration any obstructions like branches or pipes nearby.

Step 2:

Once decided, mark the area with a pencil or marker where the hook(s)/bracket(s) will go so nothing moves when installing it onto the wall later on.   

Step 3:

Next measure how far apart from each other should two hooks should go and then mark those points on the wall as well using a pencil/marker.

Step 4:

Then using a leveler double check if those points are indeed at an even height before drilling holes into the wall using a drill bit suitable for your type of wall material (e.g., concrete).

Step 5:

If needed insert appropriate anchors into these holes before moving on to the next steps otherwise proceed directly by screwing screws into these holes until secure enough for hooks/brackets insertion.

Step 6:

Once that is done simply attach hooks/brackets onto those screws and voila – your hedge shear is now securely mounted onto walls!

Some Other Maintenance Tips for Your Hedge Shears

In addition to hanging your hedge shears, there are a few other things you should keep in mind when it comes to maintenance.

Cleaning Your Hedge Shears      

Your hedge shears should be cleaned after every use. This is especially important if you’ve been using them to trim plants that were diseased or infected with pests. 

  • To clean your hedge shears properly, first remove any debris from the blades with a soft brush.
  • Next, dip a cloth in soapy water and wipe down the blades. 
  • Make sure all of the dirt and debris has been removed before rinsing them off with clean water.
  • Allow the blades to dry completely before storing them away or continuing with maintenance tasks like sharpening or oiling the blades. 

Sharpening Your Hedge Shears 

Sharpening your hedge shears is essential for keeping their cutting edges sharp and precise for years of use without dulling out prematurely due to wear and tear from regular use. 

  • To sharpen your hedge shear blades yourself, you’ll need either an electric-powered sharpener or one that’s manually powered by hand (like a file). 
  • If you choose an electric-powered option be sure to read up on safety instructions first as they may require protective gear such as safety glasses & gloves due to their spinning abrasives inside! 
  • For manual files follow these simple steps: start by laying out some newspapers on a flat surface then hold one side of the blade against it firmly at about 45° angle & drawback & forth across 3-4 times per side until both sides have been done evenly – not too much pressure needed here! 
  • Once finished wipe down both blades again using an oily cloth before storing them away until next time!  


Proper maintenance of your hedge shear is essential for ensuring that it lasts for years to come and performs its job effectively every time you use it. By following this simple guide anyone should now feel confident enough to know how to hang their own set of hedge shears correctly without having hesitations about whether it’s securely fixed onto walls or not! 

After all, having proper installation techniques such as these makes tending gardens way easier than ever before while also making sure it’s securely protected from any potential hazards as well! 

Keeping up with proper maintenance now will save you both time and money down the road when looking for replacement parts due to wear-and-tear caused by improper maintenance of these tools! With all said, try it out today & see just how convenient gardening can become with the right tools & techniques! 

We hope that this guide has helped you out with hanging your hedge shears and that you have a great time using them in your gardening endeavors. Happy Gardening!