How To Adjust Agri Fab Lawn Sweeper

If you’re like many homeowners, your lawnmower is looking pretty dusty and needs a tune-up. But before you head to the hardware store, you could consider investing in an agri fab lawn sweeper. These machines can help get rid of all the leaves, branches, and other debris that can accumulate on your lawn over time – making it look neater and healthier in the process.

Adjusting the Height of the Broom

If your lawn sweeper is not picking up the grass as well as it used to, it may be because the broom is not at the right height. To adjust the broom height, first determine how high you want the broom to be swept. This can be done by looking at a map or using a yardstick. Once you have determined the desired height, use the following instructions to adjust the broom.


To adjust the broom height:


1) Open the handle of the broom to its full extension and hold it upright with one hand.

2) With your other hand, pull up on the top of the bristles. The bristles should now be at their highest point.

3) Release the top of the bristles and close the handle of the broom.

Adjusting the Width of the Broom

If you’re finding that your agri fab lawn sweeper isn’t sweeping as well as it used to, it may be because the broom is not wide enough. You can adjust the width of the broom using a hex key or an adjustable wrench.


To adjust the width of the broom:


  1. Locate the hex key or adjustable wrench on the broom.
  2. Turn the hex key or wrench until it fits snugly against one edge of the broom handle.
  3. Make sure that the other end of the hex key or wrench is securely attached to the broom shaft.
  4. Sweep!

Adjusting the Angle of the Broom

If your agri fab lawn sweeper is not sweeping the lawn evenly, it may be because of the angle at which it is sweeping. To adjust the angle, you will need to loosen the two screws that hold the broom handle in place and slide it forward or backward on the broom shaft. You can then tighten the screws to hold the handle in its new position.

Changing the Speed of the Sweeper

Agri Fab lawn sweeper can vary in speed from 1,500 to 7,500 RPM. Adjusting the speed to match the task at hand will help optimize the machine for efficiency.


When cleaning up small areas such as around trees and bushes, it is best to adjust the sweeper’s speed to 3,000 RPM. This will help to minimize wear and tear on the machine, while still getting the job done. For larger areas such as yards or entire lawns, it is beneficial to set the sweeper’s speed at 7,500 RPM. This will help cover a larger area more quickly while also minimizing damage done to the grass.


If you find that your Agri Fab lawn sweeper is not performing as well as it should be, adjusting its speed may help correct the issue. Remember that every machine is different and therefore must be adjusted accordingly.


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