How To Edge With A String Trimmer

Finding the perfect way to edge your lawn can be a challenge, but with a little bit of planning and some handy tools, it can be a breeze. In this article, we’ll show you how to edge your lawn using a string trimmer, and we’ll provide tips on how to get the best results. So get out there and start edging!

What is an edger?

An edger is a gardening tool used specifically for trimming the edges of plants. It is a sharp, curved blade that sits on an angled arm. The arm moves up and down, making it easy to trim the edge of a plant.

How to edge a landscape or lawn with a string trimmer

When it comes to edging with a string trimmer, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure to keep the blade sharp. This will help you get the most accurate results when trimming your lawn or landscape. Secondly, be prepared for the recoil of the machine. You’ll need to brace yourself against the machine in order to avoid being thrown off balance. Finally, use a guide line or string line to help keep your cuts straight.

What types of blades are available for use with an edger?

There are a range of blades available for use with an edger. The most common blades are the string trimmer blades, which can be found at most home improvement stores. Other blades that can be used with an edger include hedge clippers, circular saw blades, and grass shears. It is important to choose the right blade for the job, as not all blades will be effective on all types of materials.

How do I adjust the blade on my trimmer?

When using a string trimmer, it is important to keep the blade adjusted so that it is cutting evenly. To adjust the blade, first make sure the head of the trimmer is secure on the ground. Then use your hand to hold the motor housing and hinge the blade arm up or down until the blade sits evenly on both surfaces.

Tips for keeping your edger in good working condition

If you have a string trimmer, then you know that it can be a powerful tool for trimming trees and shrubs. However, like any tool, your string trimmer can also be susceptible to wear and tear. For optimal performance and longevity, follow these tips for keeping your edger in good working condition:


  1. Always keep your string trimmer sharp and clean. Dull blades will not cut as well, and can even damage the machine. Regularly sharpen your blades using a sharpening stone or a knife blade sharpener.


  1. Avoid overfilling your gas tank. Overfilling the tank can cause the engine to overheat, which could damage the trimmer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when filling up your trimmer.


  1. Keep your cuts smooth and consistent. A jagged cut willresult in more effort needed to trim the plant, and can also lead to blade damage. Make sure to use a straight edge when cutting plants with your string trimmer.


  1. Properly lubricate your strings every time you use them. This will prevent them from becoming stiff and cutting incorrectly. Apply a little oil or grease to each string before starting to trim – 


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