How To Put Brush Cutter On Stihl Weedeater

Whether you’re just starting out with a brush cutter or have been using one for years, learning how to put it on your stihl weedeater can be a bit tricky. In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step how to do it.

What you need

To put on your stihl weed eater brush cutter you will need the following:


-The brush cutter attachment

-A 9 volt battery

-An adapter if your weed eater doesn’t have a 9 volt battery compartment

-A Phillips head screwdriver

-Lubricant, if needed.


  1. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and insert it into the attachment. If your weed eater doesn’t have a battery compartment, then you will need to purchase an adapter.
  2. Place the adapter into the weed eater’s battery compartment and screw on the Phillips head screwdriver. 3. Place the brush cutter onto the attachment and tighten the screw until it is secure. 4. Apply lubricant to where the blade contacts the shaft of the weed eater if necessary. 5. Turn on your weed eater and begin cutting!

How to put the brush cutter on your stihl weedeater

If you have a brush cutter, the process of putting it on your stihl weedeater is fairly simple.


  1. Open the clamp on the brush cutter.
  2. Place the brush cutter onto the bar on the weedeater.
  3. Close the clamp to secure it in place.
  4. Turn on the weedeater and adjust the height of the cutter as needed.
  5. Use your fingers to flip the blade over so that it is facing down and away from your body.
  6. Hold down the trigger and pull the cord to start cutting vegetation.

Tips for clearing vegetation

If you want to use your brush cutter to clear vegetation, there are a few tips you should follow.


  1. Clear the area of any obstacles first. This includes any wood, branches, or other debris that may get in the way of your cut.


  1. Position the cutter in the desired location and adjust the height of the blade as needed.


  1. Start cutting towards the ground and work your way upwards as needed.


  1. Keep a close eye on the vegetation as you work to ensure it’s being trimmed evenly and without damage to your equipment or yourself.

How to adjust the cutting height

Adjusting the cutting height is important when using a brush cutter on your Stihl weedeater. By adjusting the height of the blade, you can achieve the correct balance between cutting efficiency and safety.


To adjust the height of the blade, first make sure that the tool is level. To do this, use a spirit level or a straight edge to check that the blade is perpendicular to the ground. Next, look for the adjustment wheel on the side of the tool. It will have either an “H” or a “L” shape. Spin it to change the cutting height.


Putting a brush cutter on your stihl weedeater can be a bit of a challenge, but don’t worry – our guide will show you how to do it. First, make sure that the tractor is in neutral and Park mode. Next, line up the cutting edge of the blade with the bar on the front wheel axle. Finally, push down on the accelerator and shift into reverse (or drive) while simultaneously turning the handlebars to lock them into place. Be careful not to lose your balance while doing this!


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